Nusa Derenda: “This is the first song since Energy that immediately convinced me”

Nusa Derenda is a name that every single person in Slovenia knows, the same as many Eurovision fans around the Globe. This Slovenian Diva represented her country in Eurovision 2001 with “Energy”, and achieved Slovenia’s best ever result in Eurovision – 7th place. She is back once again this year in EMA, and will try to make a come-back to the Eurovision Song Contest 15 years after her participation.

ESCBubble had great pleasure to chat with Nusa Derenda, and apart from doing an interview with us, she also sent a special message to all of our readers:

Nusa also spoke to us about her career, gave us a short description of the song she is competing with in EMA, and she also told us that she might have to move out from Slovenia! Why? Find out in this interview right here:

Firstly, congratulations for qualifying for EMA 2016! How did you decide to enter the contest this year once again?

It was the song that convinced me the moment I first heard it, it immediately caught my attention and I knew right away that I have to record it and send it to EMA. That has usually been the case – I would only apply to a festival, if I were persuaded by the song, or if I was invited directly.

Now, you have already represented Slovenia in Eurovision back in 2001. What is the nicest memory that Eurovision brings back to you?

Ohhh, there are so many great memories. The first thing that comes to mind is the incredible feeling when I performed the song in front of such a big and loving crowd. Also, the enthusiasm upon arriving to Copenhagen when we found out that people really like the song, and that the bookmakers were placing us in the top 3, this really meant a lot to us. And last but not least, I will definitely not forget all the side events and parties. Slovenian night was very special, because they brought an accordion for my husband and we made a true Slovenian party that lasted until early morning hours. Many years later, people told me that it was a party they would never forget!

Can you tell us a little bit about your new song? What’s the main message of it, and what type of a song can we expect from you?

The song is very dynamic, cinematic and powerful, but let the rest stay a secret. The lyrics itself is about a special story, with a lot of “female energy” and power involved.

Can you tell us something more about the team behind this song?

My team is young and fresh although experienced and gives me new energy and power and motivates me for new challenges. All other information will be revealed in the next few weeks. But I can say that we are soon recording a 65-piece film orchestra and a lot of production is taking place in L.A. with people who are working for some of the most successful international artists at the moment. So I can’t wait to hear and present the song to you.

Do you already have some stage plans? How is everything going to look like on the night of EMA?

At this stage, my team and I have started gathering ideas and suggestions, we are making plans for the performance, but no definite decisions have been made yet.

What would winning EMA and representing Slovenia in Eurovision once again mean to you?

Of course, I would be very happy if I won and returned once more to the Eurovision stage, at the same time I realize that it would be a much bigger responsibility than the first time, because the expectations of Slovenian people would definitely be much higher.

You won all the big festivals in Slovenia, and you have been awarded numerous awards in international festivals as well. Do you think this is an advantage for you in this year’s EMA?

Not necessarily, probably the other way around. We’ll see, I hope that the people will be convinced by the song and the performance.

You still hold the best ever result for Slovenia in Eurovision (7th place). Do you think you can improve this result with your song this year?

I hope so, because I really believe in the song and in the team and I know that we will do our best in EMA. This is the first song since Energy that immediately convinced me. However, hypothetically, if Eurovision actually happened again, I would only hope to finish at least as good as the first time. If not, I would probably have to move out of Slovenia… Just kidding. Or maybe not 😀

We know your repertoire includes lots of Eurovision songs. But which Eurovision song would be your personal favorite one?

Celine Dion – “Ne partez pas sans moi”, Loreen – “Euphoria”, Abba – “Waterloo”, Sertab Erener – “Everyway That I Can”, Marija Serifovic – “Molitva”, Charlotte Nilsson – “Take Me to Your Heaven” and many more.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Vibrant, friendly and sometimes naive…

What do you usually do when you are not singing?

When I’m not singing on the stage, I love working out, cooking and hanging out with friends having a glass of some good Slovenian wine.

We would like to thank Nusa Derenda for her time for doing this interview with us! While we are waiting to hear hew entry in this year’s EMA, let’s listen to “Sanjajva” – the song she tried to represent Slovenia back in Eurovision 2010:

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