Junior Eurovision Poll 2015

Junior Eurovision Poll

#discover our Junior Eurovision poll

A couple of weeks ahead of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015, we held a Junior Eurovision poll where we asked you to rank all of the 17 competing acts starting from your favourite one, all the way to the song you dislike the most. Based on your rankings, we have two sorts of results. Here they are:

Converted into the standard Eurovision points:

If we convert all of your rankings into Eurovision points (1st – 12 points, 2nd – 10 points, 3rd – 8 points, … 10th – 1 point, and 11th-17th – 0 points), this is the result:

942 Slovenia
799 Malta
779 Serbia
760 Armenia
735 Australia
601 Ireland
517 Russia
512 San Marino
475 Belarus
430 Ukraine
403 Albania
324 Georgia
296 Netherlands
266 Macedonia
263 Italy
259 Bulgaria
225 Montenegro

Average ranking

Taking into consideration all of the rankings from 1st to 17th, this is the average ranking every of the songs have received:

4,64 Slovenia
5,41 Malta
5,86 Serbia
5,98 Australia
5,98 Armenia
6,76 Ireland
7,65 Russia
7,95 Belarus
8,22 San Marino
8,26 Ukraine
8,91 Albania
9,52 Netherlands
9,89 Italy
10,05 Macedonia
10,22 Montenegro
10,27 Georgia
10,43 Bulgaria

Fun facts

  • The country that was ranked 1st the most times: Serbia (16,89% of our voters gave it a 1st place)
  • The country that was ranked last the most times: Georgia (18,92% of our voters gave it a 17th place)
  • The only country not to be ranked last a single time: Malta
  • The winner of our poll, Slovenia, was ranked in the top three by 43,24% of our voters!
  • Two of our top three finished in the top three in Junior Eurovision 2015 – Malta and Slovenia. Armenia (2nd in Junior Eurovision) finished 4th in our poll.

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