Conchita performs at the EU Parliament

The bearded lady attracted great attention both inside and in front of the EU Parliament.

Conchita Wurst perfectly understands how to combine entertainment and politics. An example for that was her concert which she had in Brussels this afternoon. In a press conference just before the concert, she once again affirmed her continuous fight against discrimination and support for equality on all levels.

The idea to have Conchita sing in the Parliament comes from the Austrian parliamentarian Ulrike Lunacek, who recently became Vice President of the European Parliament. Critics claiming that the stronghold of European politics isn’t the place for such an event and that the money for the concert would be better invested otherwise, didn’t affect Lunacek’s decision to organise today’s spectacle. She said, “I think it’s worth to get such an important ambassador here.” Lunacek’s stand confirms to EU citizens that the European Parliament also deeply supports the views Conchita promotes.

During the press conference, Conchita Wurst made it clear that politicians should take the topics Equality and Tolerance very seriously. She further explained that she isn’t quite familiar with how politics work, but that it’s incomprehensible to her that some European parliaments still discuss or are planning on bringing the notion of same-sex marriage to discussion. “I don’t need someone who thinks – I need decisions”, she said. “Surely, the lives of politicians aren’t easy, but these people have chosen their jobs just as I have chosen mine, and I expect results”, added the 25 year old when questioned on different issues by journalists from all over Europe. Conchita further said that she isn’t planning on going into politics because, as an artist, she enjoys doing things as she pleases.

Wurst then expressed her full artistic freedom when she held her concert at Esplanade Solidarnosc, right in front of the parliament building. Despite the bad weather, hundreds of fans gathered to see this year’s ESC winner. And they weren’t disappointed! Conchita started the concert singing songs, such as “Believe” by Cher and “Unbreak My Heart” by Toni Braxton, before she finally performed “Rise Like A Phoenix”.

Her message was clearly heard both inside and outside of the Parliament.

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