Danica Muscat talks to us about “Close Your Eyes”, her entry in Malta Eurovision!

Danica Muscat is taking part in Malta Eurovision Song Contest for the third time. Even though she originally didn’t plan entering the Contest this year, she found the song she couldn’t refuse to enter in the Maltese national selection. Composed by Elton Zarb, and with lyrics written by Emil Calleja Bayliss, Danica Muscat will be singing “Close Your Eyes” in Malta Eurovision Song Contest in three weeks time.

We had the pleasure to chat with Danica about her entry in the Maltesse national selection, and we also asked her about her views on Eurovision and Junior Eurovision, as well as her favourite songs and more. Check out all of that in the following interview:

  • Hi Danica! First of all congratulation for making it to the top 20! How do you feel?

Thank you very much. I feel great! It is an amazing feeling to be part of the finalists again after deciding to opt out of participating earlier this year.

  • How did you decide to enter the Contest this year?

The contest itself has always been something I followed closely. I remember watching it with my family and dreaming of being part of it. This will be the third time I am in the finals and it is surely going to be another amazing experience especially since the stage is the biggest the country has ever seen.

  • How did you get in contact with the composers of your song?

Well I’ve worked with the lyricist for another local festival and after discussing closely what we wanted we decided that the natural choice would be Elton Zarb. Emil had worked with him in the past and we knew that together we would be able to come up with a strong entry that would be close to our hearts.

  • Can you tell us a little bit about your song?

It is an emotional ballad which is rather personal and dear to me. It speaks about the joys of motherhood and I believe that the audience will relate to it because those who aren’t mothers surely have the mother figure in their life and this song celebrated this.

  • How are you preparing yourself for the national final?

There is lots and lots of work that needs to be done and this is what makes the whole experience enjoyable. I have met up with my team and discussed certain aspects and we keep regular contact in order to ensure everything is on the right track. Apart from that I make sure I practice the song regularly to make sure I give an emotional performance.

  • Have you already had some thought about how your performance will be on stage?

Definitely. I think from the very first day I heard the song I had an idea of how it will look on stage. I would like to keep it simple, but you will find out more on the day. I want to keep it a surprise for the time being so then you will be able to enjoy the performance even more.

  • Who do you think is your biggest competition to win this national final?

It is very hard to say since the standard this year is so high and you need to see the songs on stage but I think the nuns will be giving everyone a run for their money. They are really sweet and have a very positive message behind their song.

  • Malta is hosting Junior Eurovision only a week before the national final. Are you planning to attend this event?

Can’t wait for the event to take place, I am sure it is going to be an incredible show. I will be meeting up with my family and watching it cozy at home. We will be having a party and supporting Malta’s shining diamond Federica Falzon.

  • What does Eurovision mean to you?

In Malta, Eurovision is quite a big thing and I enjoy being part of the local selection. Hopefully one day I might get the chance to represent the country. It will surely be an honour. I love the whole spectacle of the Eurovision and you get to meet so many new people and make new friends that will surely make the experience worthwhile.

  • Have you got an all time favourite Eurovision song?

“Everything” (Greece 2006) by Anna Vissi will always have a place in my heart.

  • Do you have a message for all the readers of ESCBubble?         

I would like to thank all the readers for taking their time to read my interview. I hope you will all tune it to watch the Malta Eurovision on the 21stand 22nd of November and enjoy my performance of “Close Your Eyes”.

  • Thank you so much for taking your time out for this interview, and we wish you the best of luck in the Maltese national selection!

It’s my pleasure. Thank you for your time. 🙂 

 Give a listen to Danica’s entry in Malta Eurovision Song Contest – “Close Your Eyes”:

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