Ein bißchen 50! Happy Birthday, Nicole!

She comes from Germany, is married to Winfried Seibert and she recently celebrated her silver wedding anniversary. She has two daughters and even one granddaughter. People would say that a typical German woman’s life cycle includes running around the boon docks, yet experiencing the world outside ones native land, and, in the end, always returning to one’s known and tranquil environment. Such women are loved by many Germans, and such a woman was liked by so many Eurovision fans across Europe when she took her opportunity for being eternally famous back in 1982. It was in Harrogate, and you can already presume know who this person is: Nicole, of course! With Ralph Siegel’s evergreen “Ein bißchen Frieden”, she won the then called “Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson” some 32 years ago.

In contrast to Lena’s victory four years ago, Nicole’s win with her perfect pop song didn’t receive much hype in Germany. That is quite regrettable because her song was powerful and full of magic, providing a certain compelling moment that was overwhelmingly different. Yet, those were different times – and her song was quite controversial, as well!

The peace movement was quite dominant in Germany at the time, and many thought that Nicole’s song was taking the mickey out of them. People ultimately wanted peace all around, and not just “a bit” of it. Even though Nicole was just 17 when she won, she wasn’t accepted by the masses, especially not amongst the younger generations. She was thought not to be cool enough!

Nowadays we know that the peace movement was wrong in many ways, especially in their blindness towards socialist countries. Nonetheless, we can say that Nicole did something exceptional in Harrogate! She was focused, she knew what she wanted, and she had this slight coolness about her that one needs in a competition such as Eurovision – she had everything to pull her thing through and win. The song was named “Ein bißchen Frieden” to suggest that the Germans (and with them the vast majority of Europeans) were tired of wars. This little bit of peace in the world is something most of the world craves for, even today.

She was wise enough not to go to Eurovision again, as Niamh Kavanagh, Helena Paparizou or Dana International did, since she knew that “Ein bißchen Frieden” couldn’t be topped. In her long career as a singer, she sang an abundance of songs, remained in her home country and was a permanent guest in a popular German music show on ZDF  “Hitparade”. Every now and then, she took part in a non-Eurovision type competition, played small clubs and pubs throughout Germany and led a productive life. Four years ago, she even released a double CD named “Mit Leib und Seele” to honour her 30 year stage performing anniversary.

Besides it all, she was well criticised for not congratulating Lena Meyer-Landrut right after her win in Oslo – she did it only months later! Somehow, it seemed quite petty that she found it difficult to say anything positive about Lena’s song. Nonetheless, one and a half year’s after Lena’s victory, Nicole gave a statement to a regional newspaper: “‘Ein bißchen Frieden’ touched the whole world. ‘Satellite’ is only a pop song that will quickly fall into oblivion, as it doesn’t transmit a message and has no depth.” Regardless whoever whispered her to say something like that, whoever advised her to give such a statement, we shall not forget that “Ein bißchen Frieden” was far beyond the quality of what many songwriters and chansonniers produced. The song is a “peacefully” calculated piece of sentiment done in an immaculate way!

On her 50th birthday on Saturday, 25th October, Nicole should at least try to make “a bit of” peace with Lena – since both of their heydays are now in the past, even though, Nicole has kept strong all these years.

Congratulations on a successful show life in Germany and “a bit” beyond. A very happy 50th birthday from all of us!

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