Lyndsay talks to us about “Home”, her entry in Malta Eurovision Song Contest!

 Lyndsay Pace is taking part in Malta Eurovision Song Contest for the very first time, and she is also the one who will be opening the semi final on the 21st of November! She is going to try and win the Maltese ticket for Vienna with the song “Home”, which was written by Boris Cezek (who composed the Maltese Eurovision entry in 2013 – “Tomorrow”).

We spoke to Lyndsay about her participation in the Maltese national final, her song, as well as her views on Eurovision, and Junior Eurovision. Check out all of that and more in the following interview:

  • Hi Lyndsay! First of all congratulations for making it to the top 20! How do you feel?

I feel very excited for this new experience and I’m really looking forward to be opening the show on the night. What an honour!

  • How did you decide to enter the Contest this year?

Well, the contest has been roaming in my mind for the past few years now, and I never really had the chance to enter properly, being busy with music related projects and work. This year however, I have finally decided to give it a try and focus on this golden opportunity. I’ve also been having strong feedback from the public towards my participation and this means a lot to me. I still can’t believe that I have made it with the top 20 finalists!

  • How did you get in contact with the composer of your song?

I have worked with Boris Cezek previously on other radio releases and music projects. We decided to try out for Eurovision this year and hopefully achieve success. It’s always such a pleasure working with professionals in the music scene!

  • Can you tell us a little bit about your song?

My song is entitled “Home”, and it is a power ballad which talks about a journey of finding a place where you belong and being loved endlessly.

  • How are you preparing yourself for the national final?

Well it’s quite a busy time! I’m undergoing vocal training first and foremost, plenty of rehearsals and preparations, as well as promotional appearances and interviews thanks to PBS. I believe I have a very potential song and a professional team behind me working to make a strong impact. I promise to give my up most!

  • Have you already had some thought about how your performance will be on stage?

I want to keep it simple but effective at the same time. I think the song itself says it all and it’s strong enough to stand out!

  • Who do you think is your biggest competition to win this national final?

Undoubtly, Eklessia (the singing nuns) – everybody’s talking about them and I think they have a good chance to qualify!

  • Malta is hosting Junior Eurovision only a week before the national final. Are you planning to attend this event?

Yes 🙂 I have booked my tickets already and that stage is just out of this world I have to admit. A big well done to the team involved for organising such a high standard event!

  • What does Eurovision mean to you?

I think it’s the best showcase to expose yourself on a wider scale as an artist and winning it would be a dream come true!

  • Are you a Eurovision fan, and have you got an all time favourite Eurovision song?

Yes 🙂 I’m always looking forward to watch the Eurovision and I never miss it. We usually plan a get together with friends and family every year at our home. My favourite all time Eurovision song is “Euphoria” by Loreen – such a well deserved win!

  • Do you have a message for all the readers of escbubble?

I hope you enjoy my performance on the night and please do keep an eye open for any upcoming projects, single releases and latest news on my official website

  • Thank you so much for taking your time out for this interview, and we wish you the best of luck in the Maltese national selection!

Give a listen to Lyndsay’s entry in Malta Eurovision Song Contest, “Home”:

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