Vladimir Graic tells us more about the Serbian Eurovision selection

ESCBubble had the opportunity and the pleasure to speak to Vladimir Graic, the composer of the 2007 Eurovision winner “Molitva”, the Slovenian Eurovision entry in 2012 “Verjamem”. Vladimir has been chosen to write three songs for the Serbian national final, where the audience will have the chance to select one of those to be sung in Vienna in Eurovision 2015.

In the interview we did with Vladimir, he told us more information regarding the songs he is composing for the Serbian national final, what qualities is he looking for in artists, and also, when the songs are going to be heard live. Check out everything Vladimir told us in the following interview:

  • Hi Vladimir! Thank you very much for taking your time out for talking to us. Third time in Eurovision, how does it feel?

Hello. I feel like it’s my first entry. I don’t want to be under any kind of pressure having 2007 in my mind. I am relaxed and got to keep that feeling `till the end. I am really proud to be representing my country again in the Eurovision Song Contest.

  • How did this invite happen this year?

The production team “BEOTON” and our national TV broadcaster RTS asked me if I was interested in writing the Serbian entry in 2015. I accepted that proposal as great honour and chance to present my work to Europe once again.

  • What kind of songs can we expect from you for the national selection?

It will be three different approaches, styles, genres. Making Eurovision entries is not easy at all. You got to follow many rules, but stay original, be progressive and classical at the same time. I have very fresh ideas so far, so I just need time….

  • Are you going to compose the songs and then find artists to sing them, or find artists first and then compose a song for them?

The second option is always the better way to do it, of course. But, lack of time made me think both ways. Having some artists in mind, I got to adjust some tunes in my head to them and shape them to fit.

  • What qualities should the artists have in order to be short listed?

Voice and charisma! Did I say something unexpected? 🙂

  • There are many rumours going around saying that Bojana Stamenov and Jelena Karleusa are possible entrants in this national selection. Is this true, and have you been in contact with them?

They are, both, very interesting and inspiring. I haven’t contacted any of them so far. However, there are a few more possible picks. It is not easy to decide at the moment. Need to contemplate a bit longer.

  • Do you prefer working with unknown and upcoming artists, or with those who are big stars already?

I really enjoy playing tough matches, already told it! And, according to it, I prefer working with upcoming or even unknown artists, much more than with big stars. It is more exciting, isn’t it? It is a brand new territory to discover. And I like that feeling, being a musical daredevil, but don’t have so many chances here in Serbia to do it. This is such a perfect opportunity for me!

  • Can you tell us when the final decision on the three artists is going to be made, and when can we expect to hear the three songs?

Well, two of them will be picked in a few weeks time, but the third one will be known after a set of auditions which will be held all across Serbia in November. And the songs will be presented to the audience in February in a live show on RTS.

  • Thank you very much for talking to us, Vladimir! We wish you the best of luck with the Serbian national final!

Thank You!

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