Aleksandar Tarabunov talks to us about his Skopje Fest entry “Marija”

Aleksandar Tarabunov is the son of a famous composer and singer Vancho Tarabunov, and thanks to the musical genes his talents include singing and composing, as well as a deep strong voice. He learned to play the tambura and the guitar. Aleksandar is known for his participation in Bulgarian “Music Idol 3” in 2009, a talent-show where he finished 5th, as one of the Macedonian entrants. He took part in various festivals in Macedonia and abroad, such as Makfest, Ohrid Fest, Balkan Music Awards, and more.

During Skopje Fest 2014 Aleksandar will perform in duo with Toni Mihajlovski, a well-known theatre and television actor, presenter and showman. They will present a song called “Marija”. We had a little chat with Aleksandar about their preparations for the Macedonian National Final.

  • Hello Aleksandar! Thank you for taking your time out for doing this interview with us! For the start, can you tell us how did you decide to take part in Skopje Fest?

The reason was very simple. I took part in one Macedonian show called “Opusteno” with Toni & Deo and during this show we got along with the host and famous actor Toni Mihajlovski that he will wrote lyrics to my song. We created a very original team, connection of different energies and that’s how song “Marija” was born. Team consists of Robert Bilbilov – producer, composer and arrangement, Toni Mihajlovski – lyricist, and myself as the main vocalist. Toni will have one interesting part at the beginning of this song. We worked together in the studio for 6 hours a day, and decided that we definitely have to show up at Skopje Fest, the Macedonian Eurovision National Selection, with our song “Marija”.

  • Can you tell us more about your song “Marija”? Who are you singing about?

Toni Mihajlovski wrote the lyrics and I think you should ask him who this song is about. I just try to present the whole story in the song “Marija” and lots of people have had a Marija in their lives, so I think they will find themselves in this song. The story is very simple and it expresses love in an artistic way.

  • How are the preparations going?

The preparations are going well. We have professional rehearsals with BiG Band of MRT, and at the same time we are working on our stage performance, and I hope we will present the song in a good way and that we will do our best on stage.

  • Which would be your favourite songs from Eurovision? Both from Macedonia and other countries?

I have many songs from different countries left in my memory: Tina Karol “Show me your love”, Olsen Brothers “Fly on the wings of love”, Ruslana “Wild Dances”, Helena Paparizou “My number one”. I’m not able to pick my favourite song among the Macedonian entries, because I like all of them and they all have positive energy.

  • Do you think is it better to sing in Macedonian or in English in this contest? 

In my opinion you should understand everyone who are singing in Eurovision, that’s why I think it should be performed in English, but if there are some parts or even a whole song in the native language of the country, I don’t see anything wrong with that.

  • Finally, do you have a message for your fans and for all the readers of ESCbubble?

To be happy, to smile, be full of positive thoughts and to listen to good-quality music, as there is nothing else to make your mood better than a good melody. 

  • Thank you very much Aleksandar! We wish you all the best in Skopje Fest!

Give a listen to one of Aleksandar’s songs – “Prikazna bez kraj”:

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