Daniel Kajmakoski talks to us about Skopje Fest, X Factor and Eurovision

This time we talk to Daniel Kajmakoski, the winner of first “X Factor Adria” and one of the 20 finalists of Skopje Fest 2014. Daniel told us more about his song “Lisja esenski (Autumn leaves)”, preparations for Skopje Fest, and Austria, one of his two “homes”.

  • Hi Daniel! Thank you for taking your time out for speaking to us. First of all, how did you decide to take part in Skopje Fest? 

I’ve been living in Vienna for 25 years now, and when I found out that the winning song of Skopje Fest will represent Macedonia in the Eurovision Song Contest in the city where I grew up,  I’ve heard a voice inside of me, a calling you can say, which made me think about this possibility. The other thing is the fact that Skopje Fest is a traditional festival and that it’s a wonderful opportunity to sing live with a big orchestra.

  • Can you tell us more about your song “Lisja esenski”?

This song gives the emotion of Love, and is brilliantly and metaphorically compared with the way autumn leaves fall. I believe that Love is eternal and change is constant, it’s just the way the universe functions, so we’ve tried to implement these laws of the Universe into this song. <3 <3 <3

  • Have you had any ideas about your stage performance already? 

Simplicity is a characteristic which I adore the most. With this said I would tend my performance to be as simple as possible, as a matter of fact, I will let my body feel the emotion of this song and let it show to the public. How does it look on stage, you’ll see it! 🙂

  • What’s your main goal during Skopje Fest 2014? 

I believe that we are energetic beings with unlimited potential within us which waits to be discovered. On Skopski Festival I will reach for that potential! 🙂

  • You are the winner of “X Factor”. Do you feel a bigger pressure, because people might consider you as a favourite to win Skopje Fest due to your popularity during “X Factor”?

When we talk about music, people who live in this part of the world tend to be very gifted. Macedonia has very good singers, and we should never forget that one of the best, and for me surely the best ever was the late Tose Proeski. A pure soul which managed to move borders and unite people in a way only music can. As the winner of the X Factor Adria 2014 I will give everything in my power to thank my fans and the people who supported me during the show. I feel no pressure at all, and I can’t wait to get up on the stage!

  • In which language would you like to sing your song in Eurovision, and in general, do you think is it better to sing in Macedonian or in English in this contest? 

It’s too early to make this decision. First I need to book my ticket to Vienna at Skopje Fest :))) Generally speaking, I see Eurovision as a representation of different cultures in Europe, it’s a place where people meet each other and celebrate music and life. I think that every country should sing in it’s own language.

  • Your mentor at “X Factor” was Zeljko Joksimovic, a big Eurovision star who reached the top three twice times during his participations. What does he think about your participation in Skopje Fest?

I’m a very big fan of Zeljko Joksimovic. I think that “Lane moje” and “Nije ljubav stvar” are songs to be remembered. I’m absolutely assured that I will have his support if I get the chance to represent my country in Eurovision.

  • Eurovision 2015 will be held in Vienna, the city you lived in Austria before X Factor. What do you think about this country and Austrian nation?

Like I’ve said before, Austria has been my home for the past 25 years. All of my childhood friends are there and many of my memories, good and bad come from Vienna. Austria is a wonderful country with very nice people, and I’m happy to say that I have two homes! 🙂

  • Finally, do you have any message for your fans and readers of ESCbubble.com?

I am maybe the biggest Eurovision fan ever and I’m sure that Vienna is preparing a Big Show for all of us 🙂 Never forget it’s not about winning, it’s about love and having a good time. One Europe, One World, One Love <3 <3 <3 🙂 

  • Thank you very much Daniel, and we wish you all the best in Skopje Fest!

Give a listen to a duet of Daniel and Zeljko Joksimovic – “Skoplje Beograd”:


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