Goran Naumovski talks to us about his participation in Skopje Fest!

On 12th November at 20:15 Macedonia will decide about their next Eurovision entry. Goran Naumovski and Sanja Kerkez will present a pop-opera song “Mig bez tebe” composed by Andrijana Janevska. We had a great pleasure to chat with Goran Naumovski who told us more about his song, cooperation with the Serbian opera singer Sanja Kerkez, and about his favourite Eurovision songs. Check out everything he told us right here:

  • Hello Goran! Congratulations for making it to the top 20 for Skopje Fest 2014!

Thank you very much! I am really excited that I will take part in the 2014 Skopje Fest, especially that this year I will perform with one of the biggest opera stars from Belgrade, the opera diva Sanja Kerkez.

  • What made you decide to submit a song for the Festival?

The idea to submit a song “Mig bez tebe” (A Moment without you) for Skopje Fest came earlier in June, while I was performing in another Macedonian pop festival called “Makfest”. I shared this idea about a song for Skopje Fest with Andrijana Janevska, a great Macedonian singer, songwriter and a producer, and two days later she sent me the basic demo which I loved at the first listening. That was the right song!

  • Can you tell us a bit about your song “Mig bez tebe” and cooperation with Sanja Kerkez?

“Mig bez tebe” is an emotional mix of pop and classical music. Andrijana Janevska is the complete author of the song, and she used her “magic” as always to create great vocal lines and symphonic arrangements that sound like a big movie soundtrack. The lyrics of the song gently explain the pain you feel when you are missing the one you love, even for a moment.
The song required a really good opera soprano, someone who can bring the emotions and the dramatics on the stage. I had the chance to attend several operas in Skopje and Belgrade with Sanja Kerkez as the lead role, and I was amazed by her voice, beauty and the stage presence that this diva had while performing. Both Andrijana and myself agreed that she would be perfect for this song, and we were really lucky that she was available during the period of Skopje Fest. I was so happy when I sent her the demo version of the song, and got her reply “The song is beautiful, we are doing it!” 
Sanja is very professional, full with positive energy, fun to work with and great as a person. I’m enjoying working with her and I’m really happy that I got the opportunity to record the song and share the stage with her on the 12th of November.

  • How are you preparing yourself for the Macedonian national selection for Eurovision?

For the first time I am recording a song that is much different from all the songs I’ve recorded so far, a song that in some parts of it I’ll have to sing it with an opera vocal posture so I’ve decided to work on it with our national famous tenor soloist Gjorgi Cuckovski. I am really satisfied with the results we got after several vocal lessons. The vocal technique is really important no matter if you are a pop, jazz or an opera singer. We got ongoing rehearsals with the orchestra, the wardrobe is ready we just need positive energy until the night of the festival! 😉

  • In your opinion, who is your biggest competition at Skopje Fest?

Regarding the fact that all of the 20 finalist’s songs are selected by a competent jury and all of the performers are good singers, all of us have the opportunity to win the Skopje Fest and represent our country on the upcoming Eurovision. Regarding the songs, I cannot comment on this because I haven’t heard them yet, let’s talk about this after the festival.

  • What do you think in which language should Macedonia sing in Eurovision?

I think that in an international festival like Eurovision, every country should sing in their own language. I think a singer can deliver the emotion in the song in the best way when singing in their own language, but personally, If I ever get the chance to represent my country, if needed and the Eurovision team suggests so, I wouldn’t mind singing in English, so more people can understand the lyrics of the song.

  • Can you tell us more about your music career?

My singing career started in 1998 when I released my first single and it was really well accepted by the audience and it charted in the radios. I remember that I was so surprised and happy for the success of the song because I was a new name on the pop scene and many people didn’t even know how I look like. In 2001, Ana Mickovska, Vladimir Dojchinovski and myself formed the R’N’C Band. We released a few singles, won some prizes as a band, and most of the time we were performing live gigs, concerts, festivals, TV shows… The band still exists and we still perform with the same energy as in our first gig together! 😉 The connection with the audience when performing live, the energy that you give and receive back from the audience is something that still makes me very happy and satisfied. In the meantime, I took part as a solo performer in several festivals in Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, our national festivals “Makfest”, Ohrid Fest” and “Skopje Fest”… In 2009, 2010 and 2014, I got the chance to collaborate with the Macedonian Opera and Ballet, and took the role of a music producer and performer in their traditional concert “Vasilica” by offering a different program from the past concerts which were mainly classical concerts. The orchestra arrangements, famous pop and opera singers performing pop, swing, jazz, evergreens and famous movie songs were very successful, and an interesting program that the audience really liked and enjoyed. This was a really nice experience for me, especially because it was the first time I got the chance to work and perform with a professional choir and a symphonic orchestra. After Skopje Fest, I have to work on the upcoming “Vasilica” concert which will be held on the 12th of January 2015.

  • Are you the Eurovision fan? Do you have any favorite song from this competition?

When I was a kid Eurovision was a synonym to me for a family gathering, carefully listening the songs, which country will bring what type of song and singer. Then comes the interesting part and the tension while every country votes, and you are wondering if your favourite song is going to win or not. I am a fan of Eurovision, even though I was only able to attend it once with the Macedonian Eurovision team, when it was held in Belgrade. I always liked the concept of different countries competing with music, and I can never forget all the people I’ve met and the new friendships I’ve made in Belgrade’s Eurovision 2008. There are lots of songs that impressed me in this competition. I remember the interesting vocal of Amina performing “Le dernier qui a parlé”, the legendary “Hold Me Now” by Johnny Logan, “Where Are You” by Imaani, “Deli” by Mor Ve Otesi, “Molitva” by Marija Serifovic, “Crno I Belo” by Kaliopi, “Everything” by Anna Vissi, “No One” by Maja Keuc and many many more….

  • Do you have a message for all your fans on ESCBubble?

Try to live your dreams and never give up no matter how hard it seems! Life can sometimes be tricky, but love and the right people next to us can make our lives beautiful. I would also like to say a big thanks to the ESCbubble team and all of your readers for your support!

Give a listen to Goran’s performance from Makfest earlier this year:

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