Popular artists once again interested in A Dal and Eurovision!

There is less than two weeks left for submitting songs for A Dal 2015, the Hungarian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest! ESCBubble has made a small research, to find out who are all those artists interested in taking part in A Dal, and who wants to represent Hungary next year in Vienna.

We have found out that many big stars in the Hungarian music scene are once again interested in taking part in A Dal, and have already sent their songs in, or they are giving their songs the final touch, and will enter them in the coming days. Here are some of the artists who wish to be there on the Eurovision stage in Vienna:

Eniko Muri shot to fame when she took part in the Hungarian X Factor in 2011, and finished in second place! She recorded two albums since then, and her albums went double Platinum. Her songs became huge hits in the country, with “Keso Mar” being the most popular one. She has recorded that song in English as well – “Make Me Okay“. She also gave it a try as an actress, and she played in the most prestigious theatre in Hungary – Madach Theatre. She is now set to enter A Dal for the first time, and she wants to get the Hungarian ticket to the Eurovision stage in Vienna.

Belmondo have entered A Dal last year with the song “Miert ne higgyem”. Even though they haven’t reached the final, their song became a hit in Hungary, getting lots of radio plays. They have been on the Hungarian music scene since 2005, and they are one of the most popular underground/alter rock bands. They have just released their song for A Dal, and they are hoping that this one will get them to the Eurovision stage in Vienna.

After a year break, Tibor Gyurcsik is set to return to A Dal, and take part in this contest for the third time! Right after being one of the finalists of X Factor in Hungary, he entered A Dal with “Back In Place”, and the following year with “Orok harc”. He then took part in the Czech/Slovak X Factor as well, where he finished third. His latest success is the big hit “Too Many Girls”, as a member of the project called Hangover (together with other participants from the Czech/Slovak X Factor). He’s giving the final touch for a brand new song that he will enter in A Dal!

Blahalouisiana are a band established in the summer of 2012. Their very first single “The Wanderer” was very high in the music charts in Hungary, and it got lots of radio plays as soon as it got released, and in the two years of existance, the band held over 50 concerts. They are a rock band that likes to play with different music genres as well, like country, blues, and modern music as well. They are set to enter A Dal for the very first time with a brand new song.

Adam Szabo is another name that wants to make a comeback in A Dal! The public in Hungary got to know him as an accordion player in the Hungarian version of “Got Talent”, and after taking part in A Dal in 2012, he was a surprise participant in X Factor last year. He wants to enter A Dal with his brand new song.

One of the last year’s finalists in X Factor, Lili Peterffy attended last year’s A Dal as a visitor, and said already back then that she wants to enter A Dal in 2015. She finished 6th in X Factor, and was thus the highest placed contestant from the “Girls” category last year. She loves singing popular music, and wishes to give her best with her new single she wants to enter A Dal with.

Joining Lili at last year’s A Dal was Akos Csordas, another X Factor participant. Akos is well known for giving an extraordinary, powerful and emotional performance every time. His first single “Miert nem mondod el” became a radio hit. The style of the song he’s entering remains a secret, but it is expected to be as strong and powerful as he always was in his performances in X Factor.

ANDRΞW (alias Andras Karsai) is a rather new name on the Hungarian music scene. He is a professional actor, singer, and a dancer, who got his very first theatre act in 1995, at the age of nine. He’s been composing music for 10 years, but it was just now that he decided to sing his own songs as well, rather than composing them for others. He wants to enter A Dal with an edited 3-minute version of his very first single, titled “Ultimate”.

Apart from the eight artists mentioned above, many others are very interested in taking part in A Dal as well, such as Jozsef Kurko (a musical actor), Headbangs (an alternative, rock’n’roll band), Gina Kiss (a pop/rock singer), and the following artists will enter their songs if they manage to finish them on time, due to the tight deadlines and very busy schedules: Renata Tolvai (the winner of Megasztar – Hungarian version of “Pop Idol”), Fatima Mohamed (the lead singer of the very popular band Fekete Vonat), Laura Cserpes and Bogi (both of whom got well-known after taking part in A Dal) and others.

Andras Kallay-Saunders who represented Hungary this year in Copenhagen won’t be entering A Dal, as it was previously announced. Two times entrant Lilla Polyak will take a year out as well, while the heavily rumoured band Hooligans are not planning to enter A Dal this year.

Who would you like to see singing for Hungary in Eurovision in Vienna?

  1. sziszi says

    Eniko Muri

  2. Zlatica says

    Gabi Toth!

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