Ruth Lorenzo sends a message to all our readers, and find out if you’re the winner of her debut CD!

Ruth Lorenzo, as we all know, represented Spain this year in Copenhagen with the song “Dancing In The Rain”, and finished in the top 10 in the Grand Final. We met up with her on her birthday, and were part of her celebration, during which she sent a message to all of our readers:

We also had a small chat with her about her album “Planeta Azul”, her dreams, and of course Eurovision. Here’s what she told us:

  • Happy birthday Ruth! How are you?

Oh my God Yes it’s my birthday I’m so excited.

  • Tell us what’s the difference between last year’s and this year’s birthday?

Well  last year I was alone with my manager having a small cake, with a lot of future projects, and this year, Oh!  Amazed that a lot of those projects have turn into reality and now I’m celebrating this way!

  • We know that doing aerial silk was your dream, as well as doing Eurovision, and now your debut album. Is there a new dream for Ruth Lorenzo?

Well I’m the kind of girl who keeps dreaming, and dreaming. But definitely my tour.

  • Eurovision became a trampoline for you to be well known around the world, and having a big number of fans in Latin America like Venezuela, Panama, Dominican Republic… Are you planning to release your album there as well, and do some promotions?

Oh Latin America is one of my dreams and I think every artist would love to tour there, and promote their music to so many wonderful people. I would definitely love to do that, and yes we are planning it.

  • On your show case you spoke about a guy that you wrote “Renuncio” about, and the story about “Noche en blanco” is also about him. Are all songs about the same guy?

Well…. NO! hahahah I had a turbulent love life. *giggles*

  • Why did you name your album “Planeta Azul” (Blue Planet)?

Because as the songs claim, we should know and remember that we are not alone in this world, and that we all make this world a bit more “blue”.

  • You, Conchita, and Suzy promised to collaborate someday together. Have the three of you already got some plans?

Well our agendas very crazy now days. Conchita and I sang “Purple Rain” live in Madrid, which was amazing.

  • We have seen an amazing version of Gigantes live where you were doing aerial silk. It was amazing! Would you repeat that?

It was very good, not perfect, but I still prefer to sing live and never lie to the audience by doing a playback, and who knows hahaha.

  • We have seen you many times in “Your face sounds familiar”. Which celebrity would you like to see imitating you, and with which song?

Well that’s a really good question. I think Monica Naranjo singing “Dancing In The Rain” ahhaahha.

  • Thank you very much, Ruth!

As you all remember, we have ran a quiz on our website, where you could win a copy of “Planeta Azul”, Ruth’s debut CD, signed by Ruth herself. The winner of this CD is Jack CuffeCongratulations Jack, you will be contacted by us to give us all the necessary details, in order to receive your prize very soon. Thank you to all the others who participated in our quiz, and there will be more quizes coming up soon here on ESCBubble.

You can also buy your own copy of “Planeta Azul” on iTunes right here.

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