Beatrees talk to us about their “Fighter”!

Olga, Anna and Alena, or as their band name Beatrees, are fighting for the title, the honour of representing Belarus in Vienna 2015. We had a nice chat with them about them and their song Fighter. Let’s see what they think about their chances, other songs and overall Eurovision!

  • Hi Girls! Thanks a lot for taking time for us. First question will be about something we are sure you are asked quite a few times – Tell us about “how being a girl band feels like”.

We feel as a single unit. After years of its existence, our band is not just a family. We do not only sing together, sometimes we even breathe in rhythm (joking). There were situations, when one of us couldn’t be present at our performances. Then feeling of emptiness and disharmony filled our “forced” duet. Our band is different characters, different voices, and different appearances. But every song of it is a fusion of our hearts and souls, which love music and want to give our fans only the most positive emotions.

  • Do you think being a band is an advantage or disadvantage for your participation in Eurofest?

Perhaps, a solo part in Eurofest, and in other contests, is easier than in a band. Teamwork requires much more time to prepare, and the financial cost is higher. However, each piece of music is perceivedby a listener as a single whole, regardless of how many people perform it. This product may be either liked or not.

  • Can you tell us about “Fighter”?

Our song is a motivation to a woman: I can do anything, I should achieve my aim, I’m strong, there’s fire in my heart, I will fight to the end. These words sometimes should be a motto of all of us. And then even the weakest and non-confident woman will overcome all problems and obstacles on her way.

  • What would winning Eurofest and representing Belarus in Vienna mean to you?

Everyone tries to achieve maximum in one’s life and profession. Victory at Eurofest and presentation of Belarus in Vienna for us – it is, of course, a dream. This is a desire to give everything to our listeners as well, to reach their souls in order each individual could rise above his or her everyday affairs and concerns, feel needed and loved, and, at the same time, never give up, and, if necessary, fight for his or her happiness. Of course, a victory for us also means recognition of long-term work of our team.

  • Can you give us some details about your performance?

For now we can not reveal all our secrets about what the performance will look like. This is the issue of the production center, which conducts all the organizational matters. But we can say for sure that we will provide 100% of energy and drive.

  • Do you have a favourite among the other candidates in Eurofest?

We are familiar with many of the artists. And we respect their work. Some can be appreciated not only for vocal but also for their long-term desire to win. But we do not want to single someone out. Of course, the most worthy should win.

  • Do you have an all time Eurovision song?

As a song of all time for the Eurovision we consider ABBA’s “Waterloo”, performed at the contest in1974. And today it is still broadcast on the radio and TV. We believe that more generations will listen to this musical masterpiece and enjoy skills of the performers.

  • Do you have anything else to say to your supporters and all the ESCBubble readers?

Christmas and New Year are coming! We wish our fans (and others) good mood, peace in heart and at home, bright sun above! Give love to all around! And our dear women –we wish you great love, fulfillment of all desires and remember: all is in your hands, go ahead and succeed!

  • Thank you a lot and best of luck at Eurofest!
*Here is Beatrees’ performance at the auditions of Eurofest 2015. Have a listen here:

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