Elisa Kolk talks to us about her “Superlove”

17-years old Elisa Kolk will participate in the first semifinal of Eesti Laul 2015 with the song “Superlove” by Vahur Valgmaa. She is not only a talented singer, but also a composer and a model. We’ve had a little chat with her to learn more about her entry in Eesti Laul, as well as her career. Check out what she told us right here:

  • Hi Elisa! First of all congratulations for qualification to the Eesti Laul 2015! Can you tell us why did you decide to enter this kind of competition?

Thank you! Well, being on the Eurovision stage has been one of my biggest dreams since I started watching Eurovision when I was a little girl. I knew that this is it, I have to go now! This is my chance, and we also had this amazing song called “Superlove”. So we sent it, and we got to the finals!! One step closer to my dream.

  • Can you tell us more about your song “Superlove”?
This song talks about love… like many other songs! I would say that I am not connected to that song personally, because I’m just a singer, but when I heard it, I knew that this is mine! I love it. The producer of the song is definitely connected to that story behind this song.
  •  Have you already had some ideas about how your stage performance is going to look like?

Yes, of course! I am that kind of a person who works so hard and I want it all to be perfect! I can say that we did a lot of changes, and I won’t be singing it alone anymore! Let it be a secret for now. 🙂 But it will be so awesome, I can’t wait to do it already!

  • Have you listened to the other competitors’ songs? Do you have any personal favourites?

Yes, I have a little bit. I like them all… There are very many different artists and songs. Probably my favourite so far is Karl-Erik Taukar.

  • Do you think it is better to sing in Estonian or in English in Eesti Laul and in Eurovision?

I know that Estonians love their language. But I think that Eurovision needs a song in English. English fits me better I would say. But let’s see what happens.

  • Are you a Eurovision fan? Which Eurovision songs do you like the most?

Ohhh….I am!! I watch it every year! When I was a little child, I always said to my mother that “mommy, look, I will be on that biiiig stage someday”… I dont have this one favourite, but I liked Helena Paparizou (Greece). And I also loved our Estonian entry in 2012 – Ott Lepland!!!

  • Do you have a message for all the readers of ESCbubble, who will follow Eesti Laul live, and support you?

I did not expect that there are so many followers everywhere in the world! It is so cool! Well, I try to give everything I can, and you will definitely see something really beautiful and unique. I will be singing in the first semi-final, 7th of February! I hope you like it!

Elisa’s “Superlove” is online already and you can give it a listen right here:

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