Interview with Uzari & Maimuna about Eurofest 2015

We know that you are, or most of you are, familiar with Uzari from the previous Belarusian national finals. It can be surely said that he just keeps coming back to the national finals, he never gives up. But this time, he is accompanied by a beautiful lady and she is no one else than Maimuna. We had a lovely chat with them, let us show how it went!

  • First of all, thanks a lot for your warm reply and thanks for honouring our interview request. Firstly, we would like to ask you how did you two decide to co-work together for the Belarusian national final?

We decided to make something interesting and special together (we knew each other by the concerts and TV shows, we took part there separated). So we mixed our styles. We like the result and want to share it with our listeners. 

  • Uzari, you are no stranger to the Eurofamily, and I know many people loved it when your
    name was announced as a candidate. Is it that kind of love that makes you come back to try for the contest or is there anything else that keeps you trying?

The both. For me it’s not a real competition. It’s like a possibility to show my compositions on Eurovision stage and to put my professionals skills on another level. 

  • What can you tell us about “Time”?

The song is about time in our life. We don’t have to lose it . We have to spend each moment in happiness with our families , to live in peace and in harmony. 

  • Do you practise every day for your performance for Eurofest?

Yes, we practice every day, cause we want to do our best and to show a beautiful performance.

  • What would winning Eurofest mean to you?

For us it will be the honour to represent our beautiful country in Eurovision contest.

  • Do you have a favourite among the Eurofest entries?

All entries are different and we wish a good luck to everybody.

  • What is your all time favourite Eurovision song?

Euphoria performed by Loreen. It’s a powerful song. I Feed You My Love performed by Margaret Berger. It’s an amazing song.

  • Anything to tell your fans and supporters and also the readers of ESCBubble?

We wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!Let all your dreams come true!!!

  • Thank you a lot for taking your time for us. We wish you the best of luck at Eurofest.

It was a great pleasure to answer your questions! Thank you. 

Uzari & Maimuna will try their chances at Eurofest with their song “Time”. Give it a listen right here:

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  1. Alejandro says

    Wonderful duet. WIN!

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