Kali Briis talks to us about “Idiot”, his song in Eesti Laul 2015

Kali Briis is a 25-years old artist who will fight to represent Estonia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna. Together with his band he will perform the song titled “Idiot”, written by Alan Olonen. Kali will take part in the 2nd semifinal of Eesti Laul.

We had a chat with Kali regarding his song and his participation in Eesti Laul. Check out everything he told us in the interview below:

  • Hi Kali! First of all congratulations for making it to Eesti Laul 2015! Can you tell us more about your career and your music for the start?

I have been composing and writing music for ten years now, and two years ago I finally put together a live band, so I could perform my songs live, and in the same way they were made at the first place – with real instruments, not backtracks and samplers. Previously I have released four EPs and three albums, and I hope to release my fourth album in the next two years. I’d describe my music a bit naive and simple, but very sarcastic at the same time – all my songs have a deeper meaning. Generally you could categorize my music under indie-pop, but on the contrary I feel that my music is too alternative for Eurovision.

  • Why did you decide to enter such a competition as Eesti Laul?

To bring my weird music to a broader audience, and also to get new contacts, opportunities and experiences.

  • Can you tell us more about your song “Idiot”?

The song’s message is that idiots aren’t the ones who have a lack of knowledge, but the ones who think they know everything.

  • Have you already had some thoughts about how your stage performance will look like?

I haven’t decided yet, but I imagine it will be as simple and sincere as possible.

  • Have you listened to the other entrants’ songs? Do you have any favourites so far?

I have listened to some of the songs, because some aren’t released for public yet. From the ones that are released, I liked Luisa Värk’s song the best.

  • Do you think it is better to sing in Estonian or English in Eesti Laul and Eurovision?

It’s better to sing in English, because although my mother tongue is Estonian, I live in an English-speaking world.

  • Are you a Eurovision fan? Which Eurovision songs do you like the most?

I couldn’t say I’m a fan, but I haven’t missed one yet. My favourite song would be “Fly on the wings of love” by Olsen Brothers.

  • Finally, do you have a message for all the readers of ESCbubble, who will follow Eesti Laul live, and support you?

Don’t waste your life on being better than other people, use it for being better WITH other people.

You can give a listen to Kali’s entry in Eesti Laul – “Idiot” right here:

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  1. Vrom199 says

    Usually very original and brave entries in the Estonian finals – which is why many fans love them!

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