Napoli talk to us about “My Dreams”, their entry in Eurofest!

Olga, Ilona, and Sergey are the three members of Napoli, a band which will be taking part in the Grand Final of Eurofest 2015, the Belarusian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. They will try to win the Belarusian ticket to Vienna with the song “My Dream”.

We had the pleasure to chat with Napoli about their participation in Eurofest, and we asked them about their song, and their views on the Eurovision Song Contest. Check out everything they told us in the following interview:

  • Hi Napoli! Thank you very much for taking your time out to speak to us! Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves for the start?

Hi everyone! Our band is made of three people: Olga Shimanskaya, Ilona Muntyan and Sergey Bolobolov. We founded our band 2.5 years ago. When Ilona Muntyan and Olga Shimanskaya first met, they wanted to create something new in Belarus. Then they met Ilya Kravchuk and began to write songs. Everything we did, we did it ourselves: our style, music, songs. Unfortunately, Ilya Kravchuk tragically died, and we had to invite a new member – Sergey Bolobolov. He wasn’t a new person though to us, as we worked together with him in the past as well.

  • How did you decide to enter Eurofest this year?

Eurofest in this year is very important for us. Represent our country in Eurovision was our common dream the last two times. And it was especially Ilya’s dream. So, this year we decided to dedicate this participation to him. And  we hope to realize this dream.

  • How was your experience in this national selection last year?

Last year we got to final of Eurofest, and finished in 4th place. It was a great result for us. We sang a beautiful song titled “Stay with me”.

  • How did you get in contact with the co-composer of your song, “My Dreams”?

We wrote “My Dreams” by ourselves, but the arrangements were done by our colleague from Moscow and Belgium. And as we already sad, this song is dedicated to Ilya Kravchuk, and it tells about our grief.

  • How are you getting ready for Eurofest?

We are working hard every day because there’s very little lime left. We are rehearsing our vocal, choreography, and preparing our costumes. We will do all the best to do a beautiful and an emotional performance on the night.

  • Can you perhaps tell us a little bit more about your stage performance?

Of course not! It is a secret! All we can tell you is that our performance has a story about our grief, and how painful it is to lose a friend. We also want Ilya be with us in this performance…. and he will be.

  • Have you heard the other 14 songs, and do you have a favorite one?

Yes, of course we heard them! We need to say that it’s a really powerful final. And there are lots of good songs.

  • What would representing Belarus in Eurovision mean to you?

It is a great honour to participate in such a big event for every artist.

  • Are you Eurovision fans, and do you have an all time favourite Eurovision song?

Of course yes! We always watch it and support our favourite artists and songs. It is a big event for the whole of Europe, when we all became a one big family. Eurovision brings a lot of great songs. Some of them (in our mind) “Euphoria” by Loreen, and “Diva” by Dana International.

  • Do you have a message for all your fans, and for all the readers of ESCBubble?

Appreciate every day of your life! Listen to good music, watch Eurofest, and be happy!!!! 

  • Thank you very much, and we wish you all the best in Eurofest!

Give a listen to Napoli’s entry in Eurofest – “My Dreams”:

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