Meet Andy McSean – participant at Entscheidungsshow 2015

Andy McSean is no stranger in the contemporary Swiss music scene. He is a singer and songwriter whose distinctive voice perfectly intertwines both pop and rock music in a catchy sound. His music is inspired by 80’s radio pop and 90’s rock tunes in combination with crisp, rhythmically vibrant guitar and bass sounds.

Andy has been singing in many bands and produced several studio and live EP tracks. Nonetheless, it wasn’t until 2012, when he was discovered by the Austrian record label Hellywood Music whilst performing as a street musician. His unplugged performances with soft sounds and a striking voice unfold with enormous energy and an amazingly expansive volume.

Now, Andy McSean is trying to come out even bigger! He’s been chosen by the Swiss broadcaster SRF to compete with his song “Hey Now” in the national final Entscheidungsshow 2015, which will take part on 31st of January. We were fortunate enough to interview Andy just weeks before he will step on the big stage in Kreuzlingen. Here is what he had to say!

  • Hello Andy! Firstly, congratulations on being one of the six chosen participant in this year’s Swiss national final. What made you decide to sign up for the Entscheidungsshow?

I just spotted the online form and entered – it seemed to me that this was the perfect moment for that. I’m trying to reach a bigger awareness to give the promoters the courage to book me. The Eurovision Song Contest as one of the biggest television events in the whole world is best stage to present oneself and one’s music.

  • How are you preparing yourself for the Swiss national final?

I’m still playing many gigs besides my preparation for the big show. Playing live is the best way for me to get more and more experience and routine on stage. In regards to the final, we have some rehearsals with the band and, pretty much promotion-touring. And, at the end, I’m just trying to not go nuts thinking of this big event coming up! 😉

  • Why have you chosen to perform your song in English?

English is my “music language”! I grew up with English pop and rock music. I must admit that I’ve tried to write lyrics in German, but it didn’t feel natural at all.

  • What do you think of the concept of the Swiss national final?

It’s like a double chance: you can win the ticket for the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna – and, it gives all of the final-six an incredible stage to present their music to a big national crowd! So, I think it’s a profit in each case.

  • In your opinion, who is your biggest contender?

Everyone has the same chance. We’re talking about music and performing. It’s going to be very subjective.

  • What would it mean to you to win the Swiss national final?

It would change the journey from a personal project into something bigger. I would like to represent Switzerland in Vienna as a modern country with solid values, but open minded about something new and open to other people!

  • Which is your favourite Eurovision song?

(Off all time?) Boah – that’s a hard one! From the earlier times – Waterloo by ABBA 1974 in Brighton. That was music history! From the new era – maybe Standing Still by Roman Lob – 2012 in Baku. I’m a huge fan of the co-composer Jamie Cullum. I don’t get tired of listening to this track – especially when Jamie sings it! 😉

  • Thank you Andy, and good luck on the 31st!

To keep up with the latest news from Andy, you can like his official Facebook page (click). Also, give a listen to his song in Entscheidungsshow – “Hey Now”!


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