Meet Heni Dér – a participant in A Dal 2015

After leaving the band Sugarloaf, and starting her solo career, Heni Der is now taking part in A Dal for the second time in a row. Her last year’s entry “Eg veled”, even though didn’t manage to reach the Grand Final, it became a huge hit in Hungary, and a year later is still in the official charts. She is entering A Dal this year with the song “Ebreszto”, written by Krisztián Burai.

We had a nice chat with Heni regarding her participation in A Dal, her Eurovision favourites, and a lot more. Read what she told us right here:

  • Hi Heni! Thank you very much for taking your time out to talk to us. First of all, tell us how was your experience in last year’s A Dal?

It was a great experience, a great challenge. I was very proud that I got to the semi-finals, and I was especially happy that it happened with the help and votes of the audience. 

  • Did you expect “Eg veled” to become such a big hit, as it’s still in the charts in Hungary, almost a year after A Dal?

When you write a song, you always hope that it will be a big hit and I’m very happy and proud that it actually has became a hit.

  • Can you tell us a little bit about “Ebreszto”? What is your song about?

This song is about a boring relationship, when the man (but it can be any of the partners) has sunk in the everyday routine, everyday grey life, and the other wants to wake him/her up to do something and fight for their relationship and make it existing and colourful again.

  • Was this song written especially for A Dal?

No, it is one of the songs on my first solo-album, titled Intro.

  • Are you currently engaged in any other projects apart from A Dal?

I released my first solo-album at the end of last year, so we are working on the promotion of it, and I have a lot of gigs in every part of the country.

  • Have you listened to the other 29 entries in A Dal, and have you got a personal favourite song?

I listened to many of them, but I wouldn’t point out one. There are a lot of talented young and also experienced well-known songwriters with new sounds and ideas.

  • What would representing Hungary in Eurovision mean to you?

I would be very proud! When I was a young girl, I was always watcing the Eurovision Contests in Serbia, where I was growing up. At that time I wouldn’t have even dared to think that one day I will have the chance to be a part of it. So it would be a dream comes true.

  • Do you have an all time favourite Eurovision song?

My favourite Eurovision song is Doris Dragovic’s “Zeljo moja” from 1986.

  • What kind of music do you like to listen to in your free time?

I like music in different styles, but hip-hop music is my favourite.

  • Finally, do you have a message for all those people out there who will get to know you now through A Dal?

Be always happy, optimistic, brave, do your best to reach your goals and be proud of who you are.

  • Thank you very much Heni, and we wish you the best of luck in A Dal!

To keep up with the latest news on Heni, you can follow her official Facebook page. Check out “Ebreszto” right here:

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