Tadas Juodsnukis wins the first show in Lithuania

The Lithuanian broadcaster changed the original schedule of “Nacionalinė atranka”, and aired the episode with local hits instead of international songs, as previously reported. 12 hopefulls presented Lithuanian songs, where some of them (as Vaidas Baumila or Milita Daikeryte) decided to sing their own songs. Local jury members gave their comments to each performance. It seems that not only Edgaras Lubys wants to represent Lithuania with his own song, as we reported earlier. During the show Monika Linkyte announced  that she composed one as well and that’s the reason she is participating in “Nacionalinė atranka”.

Even though one Lithuanian jury member didn’t agree with Baumila’s idea to sing his new song during this show themed as “Lithuanian hits”, Vaidas managed to win the jury (local+international) voting. Tadas Juodsnukis won the televoting, while Monika Linkyte unexpectedly finished second-last with only 130 votes. When the juries’ and audience’s points have been summed, Tadas Juodsnukis was announced as the winner of this episode. Vaidas Baumila finished 2nd and Milita Daikeryte 3rd.

Below you can find the full ranking of the first show:

  1. Tadas Juodsnukis “Nakty” (by Kastytis Kerbedis)
  2. Vaidas Baumila “Tik zmogus” (original performer)
  3. Milita Daikeryte “Tarp taves ir manes” (original performer)
  4. Edgaras Lubys “Sirdis ant balto sniego” (by Natalija Bunke)
  5. Mia “Man patinka” (by Dzordana Butkute)
  6. Liepa Mondeikaite “As mylajau tave tau nezinant” (by Aktoriu Trio)
  7. Jurgis Bruzga “1000 dienu” (original performer)
  8. Reda Striskaite “Kai sirpsta vysnios Suvalkijoj” (by Vytautas Kernagis)
  9. Monika Linkyte “Besieliai” (original performer)
  10. Neringa Siaudikyte “Meile skolingas tau” (by Stasys Povilaitis)
  11. Rollikai “Violeta” (by Kastytis Kerbedis)
  12. Wilma La “Lauzo sviesa” (by Foje)

There was no elimination after this episode and tonight’s results will be added to the points of the second show, after which one participant is going to be eliminated. Wilma La and the band Rollikai are currently in danger to get eliminated. In the next episode all candidates will perform international hits.

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