Contrazt: “MGP is just like a fairytale to us!”

Contrazt is a Norwegian band belonging to a mainly Swedish/Norwegian genre called “dansband” (dance band music). They travel the country and play at dance gatherings, and their main target audience is middle-aged adults. Contrazt was born in 2004, and has existed with the current line-up since 2009.

We had the chance to have a chat with the band’s lead singer, Gro Anita Johansen.

Contrazt is a new name to the Eurovision audience; can you tell us a bit about who you are, and your musical career so far?

We are a band called Contrazt. There are five people in our band, four men and me. We come from a place in Norway called Solør, south east in our country. Our music is written by our own songwriter, Leif Dybendal, the guitar player in the band. Contrazt has its own identity. During the year, we have about 60-70 concerts, particularly in Norway and Sweden. From time to time we visit other countries.

Contrazt consists of Leif Dybendal (songwriter, guitar, vocal), Gro Anita Johansen (vocal), Hans Olav Trøen (bass), Conny Nordvall (keyboard) and Roar Sagerud (drums).

Photo; artist's own
Photo; artist’s own

This is the view from the stage during one of their concerts; looks a bit like Eurovision if you ask us!

Who are you musical inspirations? 

Pink Floyd , Deep Purple, Chick Corea, and other „dansbands“ like Sven Ingvars, Vikingarna and  Flamingokvintetten.

Why did you decide to take part in Melodi Grand Prix?

We have a great song that deserves to be known by the Norwegian people, and MGP is just like a fairytale to us. – We couldn’t say no!

You have Danish songwriters for your song; have you worked with Jan Lysdahl and Jacob Collin Launbjerg before? And was “Heaven” written especially for MGP?

Yes, the song was written especially for MGP, and no, this is the first time we work with them.

What kind of performance can we expect to see on stage in Spektrum on 14 March?

A perfomance full of life! Knowing this is a “once in a lifetime” experience for our band, we will give it our all. The audience and the TV – viewers will witness a great show, with a lot of joy!

Do you watch Eurovision every year, and do you have any traditions with friends or family?

If we don‘t have a concert of our own, we watch Eurovision.  We watch it together with family and friends, eat and drink a nice meal, and give our own votes.

What is your favorite Eurovision entry?

We are five peolple in the band, so it is  bit different  from person to person.  BUT, we all agree about Norways first victory in 1985 with Bobysocks and „La det swinge“.

What is the most Norwegian thing you can think of?

That is our spectacular nature, with mountains and fjords.


ESCBubble wish Contrazt the best of luck in Melodi Grand Prix!

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