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Martina Majerle has been to the Eurovision Song Contest more times than any others – seven times! She was a backing singer for Claudia Beni in 2003, Alenka Gotar in 2007, Stefan Filipovic in 2008, Maja Keuc in 2011, Eva Boto in 2012, Sergej Cetkovic in 2014, and she joined Quartissimo in 2009 as their vocalist. This year, she is competing in EMA with the song “Alive”, and will try and win the Slovenian Eurovision ticket as a solo singer!

We had a great pleasure to chat with Martina regarding her Eurovision experiences, her new song, and her participation in EMA this year. Read everything she told us right here:

  • Hi Martina! Thank you very much for taking your time out for talking to us! For the start, can you tell us how did you decide to enter EMA again?

Actually Andrej Babić decided first, when he offered me to sing “Alive”, a song in which I fell in love from the first moment I heard it. We sent it to the direction of the festival. And that is how it all started – our new Ema journey which I am proud of.

  • You’ve been to Eurovision seven times already! Which was the one time that brings back the nicest memories?

All of them are special for me in their own unique way. The first one in Latvia ’cause everything was so new and so superb; the stage, the crowd, the lights, performers and music, also Finland where the whole team was so relaxed and we had the time of our life,  Azerbaijan because of a whole new culture presenting to us, also Belgrade very lively city…

  • Can you tell us more about your entry in EMA, “Alive”?

It’s a modern, kinda electro – pop-ish ballad with very melodic verses which have a repetitive motive that is really catchy, and similarly intoxicating, but more determined chorus that comes with a very strong beat as well. Oh yes, and it starts with a heartbeat, which I think is unique, but the reaction yet remains to be seen.

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    How are you getting ready for the final?

Rehearsals. I’m meeting with my backing vocals and I am also having choreography rehearsals.

  • Can you tell us something about your stage performance?

It will be smooth and gentle, even subtle in some way when it comes to movements during the performance. Alive isn’t really a dancing song, as I said earlier, it has a very strong and determined beat. I will be alone on the stage, while my back vocals team will be hidden.

  • What would representing Slovenia as a solo artist mean to you?

Well, most of all, it would mean great responsibility, in which I would have to prove that I was worthy of their election and give my maximum, my best in the performance to show my gratitude for Slovenia while representing it.

  • If you had a chance to record a duet with any of the 7 other participants in EMA, who would that one be, and why?

Rudi Bučar, dear old friend from Helsinki (performing with me for Alenka Gotar) because he is such a great guy, and a great singer with interesting personality. Optimistic and funny what you can see from his work, also from this year’s Ema entry.

  • Do you have your all time favourite Eurovision song?

Yes, Loreen – Euphoria, such an amazing song, and performance of course. Very deserved victory, that one.

  • What type of music do you personally like to listen to?

It has it’s small deviations from time to time, but mostly I listen to electro pop music. I am fascinated by the Russian electro pop star Nyusha lately, definitely check her out.

  • And finally, do you have a message for all the readers of ESCBubble who will watch EMA, and support you?

I want you to enjoy this edition of EMA, try to escape our everyday world for a couple of hours and give yourself to the music. If you decide to vote, pick yourself a favourite, and I hope that yours would win. Have a lovely day everyone!! 🙂 

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Let’s remind ourselves of Martina’s performance together with Quartissimo from 2009 in Moscow – “Love Symphony”:

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