Exclusive interview with Essaï !

After being announced as the first member of Genealogy – a 6 member super group, which will represent Armenia in Eurovision 2015 in Vienna, we spoke to Essaï Altounian! Get to know the lovely young singer as he talks Eurovision, the experience he had in France and much more…

  • Dear Essaï, first of all we would like to congratulate you on being announced as the first member of this year’s Armenian super group Genealogy. How does it feel?

Essaï: I am honored and very proud to be part of this incredible project. I feel invested in a new mission as a messenger of missions of Armenians around the world.

  • We know you are not only a singer but also a songwriter! Can you tell more about yourself?

Essaï: I composed some gold, platinum and diamond records in France for some artists and projects such as Jenifer, Le Roi Soleil, Amaury Vassily, Vincent Niclo… and more. In the new version of famous Musical “Les Demoiselles de Rochefort” I also got to produce with Michel Legrand. I was singing in the successful Musical Comedy “Romeo and Juliet.” It toured during 2 years in France, Belgium and Switzerland. A few months ago started working with legendary Kerry Gordy across the ocean to the United States. It is the home of my musical influences; I met the son of Motown Kerry Gordy. Now I ‘m working there on my new LP that will be available in 2016 and so far I produced my new single “Family.”

  • Being Armenian living in France, have you ever collaborated with any famous singers or songwriters? Can you tell us about your experience?

Essaï: In France I produced, composed and wrote songs for many artists and TV project. As Jenifer , Emmanuel Moire, Amel Bent, Michel Legrand, Vincent Niclo, AmauryVassili, Natasha St Pierre ( who represented Eurovision few years ago ).I also produced and composed music for The Musical “Les demoiselles de Rochefort” with michelLegrand , “Le Roi Soleil” and the famous cabaret of Paris “Bobino”. I have my own music studio in Paris where I’m working a lot. I’m passionate about music. Now I’m working in the USA on my new album with the son of Motown Music Kerry Gordy. The LP will be available in 2016. The first single “Family” is already available everywhere. It’s an Urban Soul song which represents perfectly who I am; perfect alchemy between soul and heartbeat.

  • Back to Eurovision. Have you been following the contest and would you ever imagine participating in Eurovision Song Contest? Maybe you have favorite Eurovision artists and acts?

Essaï: My family has always been watching Eurovision and I was watching it with them since I was very little. I had some thoughts of being into this incredible show, and I am very happy and proud that it is now a reality not only a thought. I really loved last year’s Aram MP3’song and of course Conchita was great. The melody of the song along with the arrangement and the voice – everything was in the perfect combination.

  • This year Armenia has a very interesting format of selecting the singers for Eurovision. We are sure that you cannot reveal any secrets of the song or the concept, but we would like to know what is your vision about your personal message on the stage.

Essaï: It’s a message of unity…we are representing Armenians from all around the world…we are the voices of those people uproot from their own country 100 years ago but still with shiny eyes, smile and hope. We want to deliver a message of serenity and peace. Don’t deny where you are from…and you will know where you are going.

  • And finally, do you have any sort of message for all the readers of ESCBubble?

Essaï: Always keep the hope let’s make a big chain of love around the world through Music.

Give a listen to Essaï’s popular songs below!

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