Marie Bergman and Sanne Salomonsen (Melodifestivalen) speak to ESCBubble!

We had the pleasure to interview a duo from tonight’s Melodifestivalen: Marie Bergman and Sanne Salomonsen. We talked about their entry for Melodifestivalen and their being two of the veterans from this year’s edition: Marie has already participated 3 times in Melodifestivalen – winning each time – meanwhile Sanne has already tasted the stage in 2005. Follow on ESC Bubble the live blog from tonight’s semifinal: you can already listen to the participating song here!

Hello Marie and Sanne!
Congratulations for making it to Melodifestivalen 2015!

What did you think when you got accepted between this year’s songs?

Marie: I just fell in love with the song “Nonetheless”. Simple as that!
Sanne: – I can say exactly the same as Marie – I fell in love as well – it was the song that did it.

Can you tell us a bit about your song?

Marie: A dynamic ballad, intense and cool at the same time. Sensual and powerful. It’s about love and the many contradictions beyond the rational mind. Something everyone can identify with. Good lyrics, nice intelligent melody. The song is written by two young singer/songwriters. This is a song for the love of life, of love and – the Voice. Nonetheless.
Sanne: Very well said Marie!

Marie: three participation, three wins. What’s it going to be this year? Do you feel the pressure of the fourth time?

Not at all. I just love the song and look forward to singing it together with Sanne. Our voices melt and mix together magically like velvet and rust. I really look forward to this joyful moment!

Sanne: You already tasted the Melodifestivalen stage in 2005. Have you ever thought of participating in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, your own country’s National Final for Eurovision?

I have had the invitation to participate in DMG several times – but my working schedule has not permitted me unfortunately.

How did the idea of a duo between the two of you formed?

Marie: The whole idea is Christer Björkman’s. First he talked me into it but he didn’t need too much effort after I’d listened to the song. I got hooked. Then he did the same thing with Sanne. He was the one who put us together. We have never sung together before even if we know each other a little. I think maybe neither one of us have had the courage to ask the other but it´s such a great splendid wonderful idea! It’s a crazy good set up. Thank you Christer, you knew….
Sanne: The song is composed as a duet – and therefore of course it has to be with two singers – so when Christer Called me and sent the song to me there was NO doubt in my mind. The pleasant idea on singing with Marie was just a bonus….

What genre do we need to expect? And what kind of show are you planning to have on stage?

Marie: This is a set up for Two Splendid Voices. The Voice and the Song! That’s all!
Sanne: This song is so beautiful, just real instruments and our voices. We don’t want to kill it with a big production.

What would representing Sweden in Eurovision mean to you?

Marie: I am proud to have been asked.
Sanne: Since I – as Christer B – consider myself as being half Swedish – I will just be extremely proud.

How are you preparing yourself for your semifinal?

Marie: Keeping up the spirit!
Sanne: I am with Marie all the way – I keep up the good spirit and am totally looking forward to the party it’s gonna be..

Can you tell us a bit more about the staging of the song?

Marie: Very minimalistic. Very close. Beautiful colours. Focus on the resonance between us, Sanne and Marie telling the story. Fireworks only in the voices…
Sanne: We want to make it simple and beautiful – just as Marie says.

Who is the biggest contender you could think of from this year’s Melodifestivalen?

Marie: Don’t know yet.
Sanne: Dont know yet

Do you have any favourite from past editions of Melodifestivalen?

Marie: From the early days,“Augustin” a real schlager in the old fashion way which I just love, crazy good! “Waterloo” with ABBA is a real good one, you never forget it. I just love Loreen’s Grand Prix number “Euforia” very impressing both with the voice and the choreography and the way she expresses herself….the wholeness, the presence… Conchita Wurst wow, what a dynamic force and beautiful, beautiful voice.
Sanne: I agree totally with Marie – and by this, you can tell how alike we are – and with the same taste!

On a lighter note: what kind of music do you like to listen to?

Marie: Right now today I`ve downloaded Björks new album “Vulnicura”, I’m just getting to know it more and it’s a thrill. It’s anarchistic, poetic, creative. She is amazing! But I always turn back to dear ol´ Joni Mitchell. Always! And I love Elvis and Dinah Washington forever….
Sanne: Right now I listen to Coldplay and I am in a nostalgic mode – so I listen a lot to Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and Aretha franklin

Many people around the world will be reading this. What would you tell them about your country so to encourage them to visit it?

Marie: There are a lot of magic places in Sweden. If visiting Stockholm where I live, don’t miss a trip out to the archipelago during summertime. It’s just… awesome. Don’t miss hiking up north out in the wilderness in the same land too. Wintertime they have an exotic market place in Jokkmokk worth visiting, “Jokkmokks marknad”. Dalarna especially during summertime, people who moved out from the cities offering alternative art, cafés, bakeries, places to stay…. People who think of – LIFE!
If you come to Stockholm maybe you want to join into one of my “Tuning Ceremonies” in the big Katarina church: hundreds of people gather and tune together, addressing it for the good, for peace and for the unison among us – people! Look into my homepage for the dates. It’s a magical moment and it’s free!
Sanne. As Marie says: the Swedish nature is fantastic. So let her be your tourist guide in Sweden. – In Denmark I can guide you around in Tivoli CPH and Christiania!

Melodifestivalen is also known for the wild parties after the semifinal and final: what’s your party trick?

Marie: Alvedon the day after….
Sanne: I prefer TREO – before I go to bed.

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