Bettan: We are soulmates!

Elisabeth Andreassen and Tor Endresen really don‘t need much of an introduction to the Eurovision audience, with a total of 22 national final participations and 5 Eurovision appearances between them. We chatted with Bettan about their entry, their work together, her Eurovision memories and much more.

Can you tell us a bit about how and when you started working together, and what that work has been?

We started years ago and very quickly we found out that we were soulmates and really liked to work together. We have been together on several tv shows, events and tours. Finally we created our own show and went on the road together. That had a result of writing a song for Melodi Grand Prix so our next tour schedule had some fresh news. Tor’s friend, Are Selheim, wrote the music and Tor wrote the lyrics. Smashing!!! A great song…ALL OVER THE WORLD!

What is your most memorable moment in MGP/MF/ESC?

My greatest memory is of course 1985 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Winning for Norway in my hometown Gothenburg was very special for me. To be the first artist to win for Norway was even more special for Hanne and me. Norway was really proud and the whole country celebrated with us. It was unforgettable. The greatest today is that we are two about it so we can talk and have fun with the memories. Hanne and I celebrate 30 years anniversary this year. Party again.


The Norwegian postal service honored Bobbysocks by giving them their own stamp!

Who are your musical inspirations?

I was always fascinated of female singers and songwriters. Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris, Karla Bonoff and many many more. The one who interested me most was Dolly Parton. She inspired me to start with the guitar. I was impressed by her image and her brave attitude. I love her songs and lyrics. I have many more inspirations but this is the early inspiration.

Why did you decide to take part in Melodi Grand Prix again?

The song! Tor and I have our show on the road again this fall, so this is absolutely great for us. Best promo we can have. I love MGP!

What kind of performance can we expect to see on stage in Spektrum on 14 March?

We sing from our hearts and straight into the camera into people’s hearts. We have an adult message. Humanity!

Judging by your history in MGP and MF, we assume you are a Eurovision fan. Do you have any traditions with friends or family for watching national finals and Eurovision?

My tradition is to participate, so I don’t have any other traditions…Heheheh… No, if I’m not working it is fun and cozy to have friends for dinner and then see the final together. To talk about costumes, performance and songs… Really fun!

What is your favorite Eurovision entry?

Ohhh it is difficult to pick one… It depends on the genre…I pick one new. Sanna Nilsen’s UNDO last year is fantastic! Old songs I choose Framling with Carola. It was a moment I remember. We shared office at that time when she hadthe break through, and it was very special to see that chaotic and ONE time enormous career grow.

What is the most Norwegian thing you can think of?

Brunost and Mariusgenser. Bunad, hardingfele and 17.mai.


All of us here at ESCBubble wish Bettan and Tor the best of luck in Melodi Grand Prix!!

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