Exclusive interview with Stephanie Topalian!

ESCBubble had a nice chat with amazing Stephanie Topalian (Japan), who is one of the members of Genealogy super group.

  • Hello dear Stephanie, thank You for finding time to chat with ESCBubble! We know it is a very busy time for you and the other members of Genealogy please accept our warm congratulations and tell us what does it mean to you representing Armenia in Eurovision 2015?

It means the world to me. Being half Armenian/Japanese, it has always been a dream for me to be able to build bridges across countries with music, and I believe Eurovision is a perfect platform to be able to do that. It’s like a dream come true to me!

  • As far as you represent the Asian continent in Genealogy, please tell us more about Japan!

Japan is a beautiful country. It’s modern and traditional at the same time. I am in love with the lifestyle in Tokyo. I came here when I was 14 years old from the United States, to get started with my music, and also for education. I believe Japanese people are generally very friendly, loving and caring, although some may seem a bit shy at first. Also, we’re always open to people from other countries so it would be a wonderful place to come touring!

  • Please tell us how did you start your career as a singer in Tokyo, and what is the main difference between music industry in Europe and in Japan?

I sent a demo tape to a producer in Japan when I was 14, and from there I became a part of their production company. When I was 19 years old, I debuted from a record label within SONY, and released 2 solo albums so far. I’m sure musical styles are very different in Europe and Asia, but as far as I know, the musical variety in Japan is growing wider. We have all sorts of genres, traditional to modern. I don’t know much about the music industry in Europe yet, but as I will be a part of it, I am looking forward to getting to know about it more and more!

  • Have you previously been to Armenia? What were your first impressions when you arrived in Yerevan?

It was my first time ever in Armenia in February, 2015. I was way too excited since Armenia was number 1 on the list of the places that I wanted to visit. When I arrived, I was absolutely blown away because I had never seen any place like it. At the same time, it gave me a spiritual feeling, like I was discovering another side of myself. It was the exact same feeling I got when I started living in Japan. It was so amazing to finally be able to get in touch with my Armenian roots.

  • As soon as your name was announced, you already gained a special popularity among Eurovision fans from all over Europe, because Japan is truly exotic for this contest! Do you feel proud to bring a piece of Japan to Vienna?

I just can’t believe that I’m getting all of these fans from around Europe! It’s awesome! I am truly blessed to have this opportunity. It makes me proud to be able to represent both Japan and Armenia in this kind of way. To be able to deliver this energy all across Europe is so exciting. Both my Japanese +Armenian fans, families and friends are all so excited as well.

  • And finally, what will be your message to your fans and readers of ESCBubble?

Thank you so much for reading this! Every single one of you is a treasure to me, and I just can’t thank you guys enough. Genealogy will do the best to deliver something off the hook, so please cheer for us! It means so much to me to be able to have all of your support. Love you so much, kisses from Stephanie. Make sure to follow me on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/StephanieTopalianOfficial )

Check out some of Stephanie’s famous songs below! 


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