Luminita Anghel chats with ESCBubble about her entry in Selectia Nationala!

All Eurovision fans remember Luminita Anghel representing Romania back in 2005 together with Sistem, and their massive hit “Let Me Try”! Well, Luminita is once again back in the Romanian Selectia Nationala, trying to come back to Eurovision, and represent her country for the second time. Her entry this year, “A Million Stars”, is written by her composer from 2005 – Cristian Faur, in collaboration with Andrei Tudor.

We had a great pleasure to chat with Luminita, ask her about her Eurovision experience, her entry this year, and a lot more. Check out everything she told us right here:

  • Hi Luminita! Thank you very much for taking your time out for talking to us! For the start, can you tell us how was your Eurovision experience back in Kiev? What memories does it bring back to you?

The 2005 experience it is the most beautiful professional memory of mine. I’ve met wonderful people, I found the most beautiful show atmosphere ever, and I made friends around the world.

  • “Let Me Try” is up to date Romania’s best ever result in Eurovision, and is still very popular all over Europe. Did you expect such a success?

I didn’t think that “Let Me Try” will have such an impact to the Eurovision fans. I had faith in “Let Me Try” like I have right now in “A Million Stars”, but first, we have to win the national contest. 🙂 

  • Let’s come back to your entry this year. Can you tell us more about your song “A Million Stars”?

“A Million Stars” it is a strong, positive, full of emotions love ballad, with which I feel I will impress the audience.

  • How are you getting ready for Selectia Nationala?

Actually, as I am writing to you, I find myself in the hotel room in Craiova, where this year’s National Eurovision Contest will take place. Today we will have the first rehearsal live on the stage.

  • Can you tell us something about how your stage performance is going to be?

At this moment it is all done: choreography, effects, apparel, everything. I hope you will like what you will see in the show on the 8th of March.

  • If you had a chance to record a duet with any of the other 11 participants in Selectia Nationala, who would that one be, and why?

I like the rocking voice of Tudor Turcu. I said so since 2013, when I have participated at the National Contest with the “Unique” song.

  • Did you keep watching Eurovision since 2005, and did you have any favourite songs from the past years?

Yes, I became a huge Eurovision fan, and I watch this extraordinary contest every year. I like lots of the Eurovision winners, but the one I like the most is “Euphoria” by Loreen.

  • What type of music do you personally like to listen to?

I like listening to every kind of music, from ballads, pop-rock, dance, even hip-hop to Gothic music.

  • Do you have a message for all the readers of ESCBubble who will watch Selectia Nationala, and support you?

Thank you from all my heart for your support and consideration! I embrace you and I hope the stars will gather and we will win on the 8th of March, and in this way we will met each other in Vienna.

  • Thank you very much for your time, and we wish you all the best in Selectia Nationala!

To keep up to the latest news about Luminita, you can like her Facebook page. If Luminita is your favourite in this year’s Romanian Selectia Nationala, you can vote for her song in our poll right here (click), and also – give a listen to “A Million Stars” right here:

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  1. Camelia Florescu says

    Luminita Anghel ‘s experience in stage and music field is impressive. I have been her stage colleague on her very beginning and i know the determination and dedication she hold whenever a project of her own has to be revealed to the audience. Eurovision contest it’s one of that kind and i bet she will impress audience and get the best result not just on national contest but again there @ Vienna. Wising her strength , inspiration and crystal voice like always ! Vote the song she sang, vote the professional singer she is, vote the best mixture of composer/lyricist/singer from this year !Vote a MILLION STARS to shine above us this year!

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