Meet Voltaj – finalists of the Romanian Selectia Nationala

Calin, Gabi, Oliver, Vali, and Adrian are the five members of the pop-rock band Voltaj. Their song “De la capat” (All over again) has made it to the top 12 of the Romanian national final, and will thus compete for the ticket to the Eurovision Song Contest.

We had a great pleasure to chat with the guys regarding their song, their Eurovision hopes, and much more. Check out everything they told us right here:

  • Hi guys! Thank you very much for taking your time out for talking to us! For the start, can you tell us a little bit about yourselves?

We are one of the few pop-rock bands in Romania and from 17 years we still manage to remain on top in charts and public preferences. Over the years, we have obtained many awards such as Best Group, Best Live, Best Song, Best Album at the Romanian Music Awards and Media Music Awards. In addition we won the award for the “Best Romanian Act” at MTV Europe Music Awards in 2005.

  • How did you decide to enter Selectia Nationala?

When we wrote and released the song with the campaign “All over again” we never thought to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. However, we realized that this contest can help us make known internationally the fact that so many children are left home alone, while their parents are working abroad to give them the chance to a decent life.

  • Can you tell us more about your entry in Selectia Nationala?

This contest is a challenge for us , because it is a great competition and we want to be the best. Moreover, we want to reach people’s hearts by the message of our campaign “All over again”.  

  • How are you getting ready for the final?

We could describe all in few words: rehearsals, interviews, tv shows and “pros and cons” debates.

  • Can you tell us something about your stage performance?

We are ready for the show on Romania’s Eurovision Final, on the 8th of March, in Craiova. We think that we found a couple of great ideas to make the people in front of us and the ones watching the show on TV to fully understand our message and make them take part in our campaign “All over again”.

  • What would representing Romania in Eurovision mean to you?

“All over again” is more than a song, it’s a manifest. We believe that if we manage to win the contest in Romania, we’ll make all Europe aware about it. There are many dramatic cases in which children are involved. They live a trauma due to the lack of affection, although they receive gifts and packages from their parents. The people must know that Romanians are not lazy or thieves and the biggest majority are hard-working and honest, making enormous sacrifices. Therefore, they must be respected and not discriminated because of this.

  • If you had a chance to collaborate with any of the other 11 participants in Selectia Nationala, who would that one be, and why?

We like Tudor Turcu, he has a great rock voice.

  • Are you guys Eurovision fans, and have you got an all time favourite Eurovision song?

We like this contest and we followed the final every year. Each of us has his own favourite…

  • What type of music do you personally like to listen to?

We love rock music and listen with pleasure to Metallica, Rammstein, Queen and many other bands.

  • And finally, do you have a message for all the readers of ESCBubble who will watch Selectia Nationala, and support you?

Our traditional message is: “Live your life as if you were 20 years old!” But we have something else to say: “Don’t ever be afraid to start ALL OVER AGAIN!”

Thank you very much guys, and we wish you the best of luck at Selectia Nationala!

To keep up to date with the latest news on Voltaj, you can like their official Facebook page. If Voltaj are your favourites, don’t forget to vote for them in our poll here (click). Also, give a listen to their entry “De la capat” right here:

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