BNT reveals their plans for Junior Eurovision 2015

On March, 31th, the next day after Bulgaria was announced as the host of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015, BNT – the host broadcaster – held a special press-conference to reveal more details.

The participants of the press-conference were Anka Vyarova – General Director of BNT, Simeon Kasaov – Executive Director of television, Sevda Shishmanova – Programm Dorector of BNT 1, and Joana Levieva-Sawyer – executive producer of “Special Projects” BNT1 and responsible person for the participation of Bulgaria in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

It was highlighted that the whole country will be the part of the event, not only it’s capital Sofia. It is also reflected in the re-touched logo, that contains the name of the country.

Financial backing

Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015 is a special project for BNT, and in this regard the government support is essential. The project will offer a wide range of opportunities for advertisers and business. The budget numbers haven’t beend decided yet but landmark based on previous years is around 3-4 milion lev (1,5-2 million euro).


The venue and logistics

The Steering Group of EBU and BNT have selected “Arena Armeec” out of 3 optinos: yet unbuilt arena in Plovdiv, the second largest city in Bulgaria, NDK and “Arena Armeec” in Sofia. The capacity of “Arena Armeec” is up to 15,000 people, but for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest it’s expected to be about 7,000. The other space will be reserved for green room, production facilities, etc.

Tickets prices

There is still no clarity on this topic but the tickets prices will be available for the local public. According to BNT the tickets will be on sale for three shows: two general rehearsals and the live show.


Bulgarian representative

Production company “Sedem Osmi” (“Seven Eight”, was founded by Slavi Trifonov) will be involved in the pre-selection this year again. More details will be provided later.

Vincenzo Cantiello paricipation

BNT has decided to invite last year winner from Italy Vincenzo Cantiello to participate in the show. This is quite a tradition though.

Logo and Slogan

Not much time left for ideas open competion, so EBU and BNT have decided to cooperate with professional designers and marketing agencies. For BNT is more important to look for and find the ideas than the right company.


To produce a better show BNT will involve several teams who will create different parts of the show. The creative director has already been appointed but his name hasn’t been revealed yet, and he is in not from Bulgaria. However, his name will be announced soon when some more details are specified.

Participating countries

August, 28th is a due date to apply for participation in the contest. However, last years several times this period was prolonged. BNT hopes to welcome in Bulagria all the countries who took part in Junior Eurovsion Song Contest 2014. In Malta there were 16 participants what made this year edition the biggest since 2007. Besides, last week Ireland announced their debut in the contest with the song in Irish Gaelic and the Netherlands has already started the pre-selection process. However, BNT expects about 16 countries to participate.

You can find the full video of the press-conference below but infortunately it’s in Bulgarian without translation or subtitles.

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