Eurovision videoclip as a call for tolerance

Recently published videoclip to “This Time” by Monika & Vaidas became the topic in Lithuanian media due to gay kiss scene. Algina Navickaite, the director of this clip said she wanted to show different people in the videoclip to share the idea of tolerance and equality. According to two guys which took part in “This Time” videoclip are not a couple, they are not even gay, but only actors. Edvardas is playing in English horror movie “The Cellar” and Lukas Bulevicius wors on commercials and other TV projects.

Edvardas admits that their kiss was directed, but he likes the initiative to create the video clip full of natural and warm emotions. “All the people are different, but at the same they are equal, there is nothing wrong to show it” – he said. The actor received a lot of positive and negative comments from his friends and family, but in the end everyone considered it as his new role. Lukas said everyone was surprised with this video clip, but he could expect the type of reaction among Lithuanian society. “This is Lithuania, not England, nor America, not any Western country with more open-minded people. For Lithuanians, a gays kiss is still unusual” – he added.

Lukas and Edvardas are sure that tolerance has to be spread and the actual situation is due to lack of education but also due to homophobic religious and political beliefs but the video clip is orientated to the public because everyone needs to develop their tolerance to reach the Western countries level. created the poll with the question “Do you like this video clip” and 57% of voters said “Yes, it’s very positive”. 21% don’t like it, 17% watched it only once and only 5% are yet to watch it.

This year’s Lithuanian representative Vaidas Baumila reacts for article:

Monika and I are proud to be a part of an initiative for tolerance. You can go and run your mouth about this being a public-relation game. But you’re right – it is. We invite open minded people to get along and play that game together

It seems that Eurovision 2015 became the platform to promote many social ideas. Monika Kuszynska from Poland and PKN from Finland want to “build the bridge” between able-bodied and disabled people, Genealogy want to unite the Armenian diaspora, Hungarian Boggie and Russian Polina are calling for peace and Romanian Voltaj dedicated their song to the lonely children which parents have to work abroad. Lithuania is trying to be more tolerate especially after controversial statement of last year’s spokeperson Ignas Krupavicius who said “It’s time to shave” referring to Conchita’s beard.

Lithuania will open the second semifinal of Eurovision Song Contest 2015. Check the video clip to “This Time” by Monika and Vaidas below:

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  1. Funky grandad says

    Quite boring with all the ‘gay refeferences’ in esc. Gays are ok, but is becoming such a silly stereotype.

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