Monika: “I’m glad the mentality is changing”

In interview for Polish magazine “Party” Monika Kuszynska revealed some backstage stories about her Eurovision participation. She said TVP just invite her to their headquarters as they had some interesting offer for her without mention Eurovision. She thought about different scenarious, but not to take part in this kind of competition. When she realised that Polish Television would like to choose her to repreasent the country in Vienna she was surprised and fearful as she was afraid of the character of this competition. Monika admits many people associate Eurovision Song Contest with “colored feathers and bad taste”, but when she first heard about the motto “Building bridges” decided to use Eurovision as a platform to promote the idea which she already promotes in Poland. She wants to show that it’s nothing wrong to be different and the disability does not stop people to live their dreams and be happy. “I’m glad the mentality is changing as people like me would not have any chance in the past” – she said.

Monika informed she made up her mind in late August and from now TVP is her “second home” as she spends a lot of time there working on the preparations to the contest. Now she can say she doesn’t regret this decision. “There was no positive mix-up in my life for a long time” – she admits. Singer is not afraid to loose as she always says that something what block us will not allow us to develop ourselfs. She doesn’t want to reveal any detail regarding her stage performance and we only know that her sister will design her outfit for the semifinal.

After the TVP’s decision many people share the comments that Monika will receive more points due to her disability. Monika thinks that this kind of statement can be considered as discrimination. She is certain that Europe won’t be surprised to see disabled singer or Finnish band which members have the Down Syndrome. “Just look around, there are many disabled people and artist in the world and no one doubt in their talents”.

Monika will perform last in the second semifinal of Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna. On 10th April she will take part in Latvian Eurovision Party hosted in Riga where she will meet Aminata, Monika & Vaidas, Melanie Rene as well as many other international guests. Probably Polish singer will perform during “Eurovision in Concert” and “London Eurovision Party” as well. Tomorrow she will travel to Vienna to record the second part of her Eurovision postcard.

Monika’s song is “In the name of love” which you can find below:

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