[Review] Conchita (The Album)

After years of following the Eurovision, one is always afraid of the debut albums of its winners. It has happened many times before that the rush of having reached first place made the artist to run for cover, publishing an album of randomly picked demos.

This is DEFINITELY not the case with Conchita. It is rather clear that the production behind it has worked to find the sound to match to her image: we already had a glimpse of what was going to end up in the album with the single Heroes, but now it’s official.

It could have been easier going with songs more in “That’s what I am” style or Celine Dion Titanic-themed ballads. Instead it looks like there has been a search in a different sound for it. You already know the first three singles: Rise like a phoenix that has won Europe, Heroes, an epic electro ballad and You are unstoppable, probably the most “Swedish sounding” of them all.

The CD opens with the latter: You are unstoppable. Everyone remembers the moment when Conchita shouted “We are unity, we are unstoppable” and raised the Eurovision trophy and this is the result of it: a song about being proud. But the entire album is about that – and also about having a bit of fun.

Interesting for all the Eurofans out there is the track Pure. As she stated previously, her winning song was one of the last demos to come in. Up until last minute there was another song in the running and now you can listen to that. “Pure” is another ballad, a more classic one, not as brassy as the Eurovision entry, but that can show Conchita’s vocals. And I’d say thank God for the “Rise like a phoenix” demo: this would have done good, but not enough to let us come to Vienna.

The album features a variety of genres: Other side of me is the other soft ballad, meanwhile Where have all the good men gone is the burlesque song. The other tracks shifts between disco bangers and electro ballads, with a touch of sensuality when it comes to Out of body experience.

Personal choice: Put that fire out. Solemn, plenty of choirs in the background and one of those tracks where you can easily imagine her performing on a stage – and slaying it.

Last nomination (before you all will go to iTunes and get the CD) is Firestorm that was featured as backgrounds to few of her videoblogs. That is probably the biggest disco banger on the album.


Conchita Wurst – Conchita

You Are Unstoppable
Up for Air
Put That Fire Out
Colours of Your Love
Out of Body Experience
Where Have All the Good Men Gone
Somebody to Love
Rise Like a Phoenix
Other Side of Me

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