The road to Junior Eurovision 2015: current line-up review

This is the time when the high season for the Junior Eurovision 2015 starts. We have already done some distance from choosing Bulgaria as the host for the contest in March to August, when we know most of the participating countries, even listened to one entry, and the hot time is just about to come.

In November in Bulgaria we are definitely going to see the hereinafter mentioned countries: Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Ireland, Italy, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Russia, Slovenia, Ukraine, and of course Bulgaria! So altogether the 14 confirmed countries to perform on stage of Arena Armeec in Sofia on November, 21! There is every likelihood that up to 4 more countries will be announced in August and September.

So what are the changes from the last-year line-up?


It’s always a reason for a celebration when a new country joins the Junior Eurovision family. This year we have at least one country – Ireland. Moreover, Ireland is not going to sing in English, but in Irish (Gaelic). Still, we have a chance to hear at least one song in English (most likely Malta will sing in English, as they usually do), because the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has invited Australia to party once again with Europe (in case you already forgot, Australia came 5th in May at the Eurovision Song Contest). It totally sounds like last-year’s Junior Eurovision slogan #together. Do you think Australia will participate? Write to us here or in our pages in social networks.


We have two countries, which decided to start all over again. Interesting fact is that they are neighbours: Macedonia and Albania. Albania has a short history of participation in the Junior Eurovision: once in 2012 in Amsterdam, when Igzidora Gjeta finished the last (12 out of 12) with 35 points, but many Eurovision fans remembered it for a long time because of this communication outage at the most expected moment of the Albanian voting announcement:

Macedonia was a constant participant from the first edition of the contest in 2003 until 2011, but since 2011 they’ve participated only once in 2013. They like odd-numbered years, or there is another reason for two breaks in 2012 and 2014? Anyway, it’s going to be the first time when both Macedonia and Albania participate in Junior Eurovision.

Nice to see you again…

But unfortunately we have to say “Goodbye” at least for a year to Cyprus and Croatia (both of them have already taken a break – for 1 and 8 years respectively), and most likely to Sweden as SVT is not going to take part this year, but there is another one broadcaster – TV4 (back in 2006, 2007, 2009 in the “Sandén era” Sweden was represented with this channel). Anyway, there hasn’t been clear official confirmation from any of the countries/channels, the information taken from interviews with Vladislav Yakovlev (Junior Eurovision EBU Executive Supervisor) to a number of fan sites.

Status unknown

There is still no information coming from Serbia and San Marino. Do you think they will participate? Leave your comments in the comment box below or on any of our social network pages!

5 participants are known!

Once again congratulations to Mishela Rapo, who won the Albanian national pre-selection with the song “Dambaje”. However, on the official Junior Eurovision Song Contest web site the title of the song is not announced. Any changes? We have no information regarding it. Let’s just listen to the song again:

Last-year host Malta selected Destiny Chukunyere (Malta) through a national final as well, but her entry hasn’t been decided yet.  This is amazing how after a two-year break (2011&2012) Malta came back with a new level of motivation, winning contest in 2013 and organizing it in 2014.

It was a very not-Armenian way to select the participant internally, but everything changes. In July it was announced that Michael Varosyan would represent Armenia in Junior Eurovision 2015. Good luck, Michael!

Georgia yesterday announced that a quartet (ElenE Kejrishvili, Lizi Tavberidze, Tako Gagnidze and Data Pavliashvili) were selected internally to represent the country. Interesting fact, that Tako and Data were born on the same day!

And the last known name is Jana Mirkovic, who will represent Montenegro with the song “Oluja” (“Storm”). It’s not confirmed on any official pages of the EBU and RTCG, Montenegrin broadcaster, but on Jana’s Facebook pages there is a lot of information about her participation in the Junior Eurovision 2015.

National Preselections

Last year there were only 4 pre-selections, which was a bit disappointing for some Eurovision fans, so it’s a good news that this year we have more! Let’s count how many:

  • Belarus – National Final on 21st of August.
  • Ireland – 30 acts to be revealed soon, which then to perform on the televised national selection series.
  • The Netherlands – 8 acts were chosen for 2 semifinals of the Junior Songfestival, the format is the same as it was previously: 2 songs from each semi go directly to the final and 1 more will be chosen by jury from the remaining semifinalists. The Final will be aired live on 3 October.
  • Russia – submission period is about to be opened.
  • Slovenia – submissions period till the 31st of August for Mini EMA, then a special jury will select 6 acts for 2 semifinals, where jury once again will select a winner of each semifinal and the last stage is the Grand Final with 100% televoting.
  • Ukraine – National Final on 22nd of August, it’s going to be a hot weekend in the Eastern Europe!
  • Bulgaria – more than 1000 applications were received!
  • Albania – already held!
  • Malta – the singer has already selected.

Number 9 is impressive (it’s more than half of the participating countries) and Macedonia hasn’t revealed yet how they are planning to select their participant(s). November 21st is getting closer and closer, so stay tuned!

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  1. Liam says

    I hope Australia does enter!! I know a singer that can do it for them!

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