Egzon Pireci speaks about the story behind his FiK entry “Triumph”

The 54th Festivali i Kenges, the long-running Albanian music competition which has served as the country’s national selection method since their debut at Eurovision in 2004 will take place in late December. Last week, the participants were revealed and on the list we can find many familiar names who will fight for the opportunity to represent Albania in Stockholm next year. There are also a few fresh newcomers, one of whom is Egzon Pireci who will perform the song titled “Triumph”. Egzon spoke to ESCBubble about his forthcoming participation.

What was your first reaction when you discovered that you will take part in the 54th Festivali i Kenges? 

Festivali i Kenges is the biggest festival in Albania, and I was very happy because they selected my song. I love this competition.

As it’s your first time in this festival, Eurovision fans don’t know you very well. Can you tell us more about your career and music?

I started making music when I was a child, and when I was 11 years old I had already written my first song. In my country I’m recognized not only as a singer but also as songwriter and a composer. I have composed songs for well known singers in Albania, I’ve took part in many festivals, and have collaborated with the best singers in the country. I have 20 songs and 5 video clips in total, and I took part in The Voice of Albania, where I reached the semi finals. I am a lawyer by profession but music is everything to me and I cannot live without it.

Why did you decide to submit the song ‘Triumph’ to Festivali i Kenges? Can you tell us more about that song? What can we expect?

This song was composed by Faton Dolaku, while I wrote the lyrics with many emotions, to give the song a soul. The song is about the power of love, as it is about a boy and a girl in love, but suddenly the girl gets diagnosed with cancer, loses consciousness and ends up falling in a coma. Even then her boyfriend decided not to leave her, nor to turn his back to her. He decided to stand by to offer love, and he was convinced that she can feel his presence close to her, to motivate and to love her even more, so that she is strong enough to overcome this disease. The whole message of the song is when you love with all your heart and receive such love back, everything passes and love triumphs with great power which can stop every disease.

How are the preparations for FiK going? Do you have any ideas about stage performance, outfits etc.?

We all have many things in our minds, and we’re working with our designers and choreographers. I think that the best is to keep it all a surprise – you will watch the festival to find out everything about my performance.

If you win Festivali i Kenges, would you like to sing your song in Albanian or English during Eurovision Song Contest?

The first version we wrote is in Albanian, but I have sing it in English as well and I think that in both variants the song sounds very nice and sweet.

Are you a Eurovision fan? What’s your favorite Eurovision song?

I have many songs that I like from Eurovision over the years, but from this year I will mark very special song “Grande Amore” by the Italian group Il Volo. I remember the song “For Real” by the Turkish group Athena, song “Euphoria” by Loreen and many other beautiful songs that took part over previous years.

What do you think about previous Albanian Eurovision participants?

Albania had sent many beautiful songs in Eurovision, and all of our entrants have been fantastic. They achieved excellent results and have represented Albania in the best possible way. I dream about representing my country the best I can, and make all Albanians in Albania and all over the world proud, and make our country the hosts of next Eurovision.

Finally, do you have any message for Eurovision fans who will watch Festivali i Kenges online?

Yes of course! Some very good unknown singers, as well as singers who have left traces in the Albanian music will take part in this year’s Festivali i Kenges, so follow the show as there will be many brilliant voices and wonderful songs there. Albanian Radio Television TVSH will provide us with three nights of a super show. Let the best song win!

We would like to thank Egzon Pireci for this interview, and wish him the best of luck in Festivali i Kenges!

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