Luiz Ejlli speaks about the story behind ”Pa mbarim”, his entry in Festivali i Kenges

Since 2004, the Festivali i Kenges contest has served as the Albanian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest. As usual, the contest will take place in late December. A few weeks ago, the list of the participants was revealed, on which we could find many familiar names. One of them is Luiz Ejlli , who has already participated at Festivali i Kenges three times and who has won the contest in 2005, and went on representing Albania in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006. This year, he is entering Festivali i Kenges contest for a fourth time, with his entry called ”Pa mbarim”. Luiz spoke to ESCBubble about his participation at the 54th FiK, and his memories from Eurovision in Athens.

What was your first reaction when you were told that you would participate to Festivali i Kenges 54?

I was drinking coffee with a friend of mine who is a composer and I told him, let’s make a song for the festival, and he was ready. I have already participated 3 times in Festivali i Kenges. I have finished twice in second place and I have won the contest once. This will be the 4th time for me. I hope I will win. 🙂

How would you describe your song ‘’Pa mbarim’’ in a few words?

The message behind the lyrics was my idea and the lyrics were written by Agim Doci. The song talks about the emigration of the people all over the world and especially Europe. I had to leave Albania, leave my girlfriend, my family and to go nowhere because I didn’t know what was waiting for me. But here I can’t stay anymore… I ask god, why you have abandoned us? And still i have no answers…

If ever you were to win the contest and represent Albania in Stockholm, would you sing your song in Albanian or in English?

I think its going to be in English, so people all over the Europe can understand the lyrics and feel the pain, the love, the hope of all those people who are leaving their countries for a better life, to find a shelter and to be free of living and speaking what’s in their hearts.

You have represented Albania at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006, and you have also participated three times to Festivali I Kenges already. Why do you want to be a part of this great adventure once again? What memories does Eurovision in Athens bring back?

I really love to sing. I also really like the Eurovision Song Contest.  For me it was a dream come true when I was there the first time. But, back then, I was young and I didn’t realize how lucky I was to be there. Now that I am 30 years old, I am more prepared for all that is awaiting for me down there. Also, the responsibility of representing my country makes me feel proud. I’m prepared and ready to be on that stage once again.

How are your preparations for FiK going? Do you have some special ideas about your stage performance?

We have already finished the song, there are some tiny details in the arrangement but its ready at 95%. About the stage performance: it’s going to be simple, I am going to be alone on stage during my performance. I have made this choice because I want the people to focus on me, on my eyes and my lips, so they can understand the meaning of the song. It’s an epic ballad so they don’t need to dance, they just need hear the song inside them. I will do my best to be able to transmit my emotions to the public.

At last, what would you like to say to your fans who are going to support you during the Albanian national final?

Well… I have never told myself that I have fans. I like to call them “friends” and I would like to tell them that I will do my best to make them happy. I am grateful that my ”friends” support me in every way they can. But first of all I should win here in Albania to get to them. Can I win? Who knows… There are 30 songs in competition, all these artists are hoping to go to Sweden, just like I am, but only one will win. Only one will be the lucky one. I wish the best for all the other 29 songs, it’s going to be hard for me, but I will be ready. I will sing during the first night of festival, on the 25th of December, and if I make it to the final I will take the stage once again on the 27th of  December.

We would like to thank Luiz Ejlli for the interview and we would also like to wish him the best of luck for Festivali i Kenges!

Here is his performance at the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, during the first semi-final:


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