Big stars interested in A Dal and Eurovision in Hungary!

The deadline for song submission for A Dal 2016 passed at midnight. ESCBubble has thus made a small research, to find out who are all those artists who sent their songs in for A Dal, and wish to represent Hungary next year in Stockholm.

Big stars in the Hungarian music scene are once again interested in taking part in A Dal, and their wish is to follow the footsteps of Boggie and become Hungary’s next entrant(s) in the Eurovision Song Contest. Here are some of the artists who have sent in their songs to MTVA for A Dal 2016:

Gergo Racz: After representing Hungary in Eurovision 1997 as a member of VIP, and co-writing “What About My Dreams” for Kati in 2011, Gergo has a big wish to come back to Eurovision once again. He was in A Dal in 2013 as a soloist, and in 2014 and 2015 as a member of Fool Moon. After leaving the band and continuing as a soloist, he released various “one man acappella” covers, as well as his own new singles. He sent a new song in for A Dal 2016, and hopes this will be the one to get him to Eurovision.

Passed: Big favourites in this year’s A Dal, and the winners of our polls are back! Since March, Passed gained a new member – Aron Farkas, and they haven’t stopped touring the country! They released an EP with four songs, from which their entry in A Dal “Mesmerize” remained the biggest hit. They sent a new song in for A Dal, and their aim is to win it this year!

Timi Antal: This girl finished second in the third season of X Factor in Hungary, and then rocked the A Dal stage this year with her smasher “Woke Up This Way”. Even though she didn’t make it to the Grand Final, this song has got lots of radio plays during the year. Timi has now released her newest single titled “Eleg” (Enough), which she co-wrote. This is also the song Timi has entered in A Dal 2016! What do you think of it?

Kozmix: After releasing nine albums, and winning various awards for their music, Lala and Zsolt of Kozmix are celebrating their 20 years on the Hungarian music scene with a big concert in the Budapest Arena on the 27th of December. Apart from that, they also decided that it is time to enter A Dal as well, and try and represent their homeland in Eurovision in Stockholm.

Laura Cserpes: After a year’s break – Laura is back! Laura shot to fame after taking part in A Dal 2013, and making it to the Grand Final with “Elj, pont ugy”. She entered the following year again with “Ugy szallj”, a song which a year and a half later is still a massive hit in Hungary, and is being played everywhere! She is now set to return to the contest with a new song, and hopes that the third time’s the charm for her, and that she will be representing Hungary in Stockholm.

MDC: The three guys of MDC had their A Dal debut this year with the song “Maniac”. Even though the song didn’t reach the semi finals, it became a big hit in the country, and is one of the nominees for “The song of the year” in Viva’s music awards. The boys announced that they are sending two songs in for A Dal, and hoping that one of the two songs will take them to the big Eurovision stage in Stockholm.

Gyula Elias Jr.: Together with Fourtissimo, Gyula has entered A Dal this year with the song “Run To You”, and in 2013 he entered as a soloist with “Mindhalalig varni rad”. He is going to try out his luck once again, this time with a song in Hungarian – “Vén szivar”. The lyrics of this were written by Peter Geszti, who also wrote the Hungarian lyrics for Kati Wolf’s “What About My Dreams”.

Balint Gajer: After getting eliminated in the heats in 2014, Balint came back stronger this year. He made the whole country swing to “That’s How It Goes”, and singed his way to the A Dal final! He is hoping to reach the next step in 2016, and get his three minutes on the Eurovision stage in Stockholm. He has once again teamed up with Johnny K. Palmer, who co-wrote his entry this year.

YesYes: Adam Szabo and his friends Mark Vereb and Tamas Katona recently formed a boy-band called YesYes. Their music is built on the foundation of electronic and acoustic musical elements. Adam Szabo has already taken part in A Dal twice – in 2013 and this year, when he won the jury votes with “Give Me Your Love”. The first single of YesYes, “Fireflies” was released only five days ago. They have sent a couple of songs in for A Dal, and hope to reach a wider audience and the Eurovision stage!

Zoltan Mujahid: After making it to the top four this year with “Beside You”, and scoring the top points of one of the jury members, Zoltan is going to try out his luck once again. His participation in A Dal was his big comeback to the music scene after a couple of years break, and since then he was various concerts in the country, and collaborations with other singers. Zoli has a big team beside him once again, and wishes to represent his country in Eurovision.

Abbe Lewis: A singer/songwriter from Nashville, US has fallen in love with Hungary in her first visit, and decided to stay in Budapest. She became famous after taking part in the talent show “Rising Star”, where she reached the semi finals. Abbe has released two albums: “War and Peace” and “Familiar Shape”. A couple of days ago she released a new song titled “Honey Please”, which she wrote by herself.

Andre Vasary: This 33 year old singer has been on the Hungarian music scene for nine years, and has released eight albums – three of which went Gold, and one Platinum. His latest album reached number two in the album charts. During this year, he became a lead soloist in the Red Army Choir. Andre is a soprano, and we can expect a pop/rock song from him in A Dal, possibly with elements of opera.

Oliver Berkes & Lili Peterffy: There is at least one duet in A Dal every year! Oliver (semi finalist of The Voice) and Lili (finalist of X Factor) are joining forces, and they are hoping that their duet will be selected for A Dal 2015. Oliver has recently released his new EP, and Lili has released two new singles. A duet has never won A Dal – will they be the first ones to do so?

Mrs. Columbo: The three girls entered A Dal back in 2013 with “Jatszd ujra”, and after a two year break, they are ready to return! Mrs. Columbo have been taking part in various festivals and they held concerts in many cities in Hungary in the past year. At the beginning of October, they released their latest EP, titled “Love Is The Answer”. Their music goes from jazz to pop, rock, electro or even fusion, so we can expect something completely different and not so typical for A Dal from them.

Izsak Palmer: Izsak was the contestant of “Rising Star” with the most energy on stage! He wowed the audience with his covers, and managed to finish in 9th place in this competition. Since the competition he collaborated with big names on the Hungarian music scene, including one of the judges in “Rising Star” – Anna Pasztor. He is hoping to enter A Dal next year with a song composed by his older brother – Johnny K. Palmer.

These are only a few of the names who sent their songs in for A Dal 2016. The full number of submitted songs, as well as all of the other information regarding this competition will be revealed soon, so stay tuned to ESCBubble.

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  1. Áron says

    Passed and Timi were robbed this year!!!! Happy to hear they are back

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