Day 3: Second rehearsals started in Sofia!

Sofia and Bulgaria are getting ready to host the final show of the Junior Eurovision 2015, and the participants of the contest continue to prepare for their big day. Today 9 countries were asked to return on stage to hold their second rehearsals.

The first to go were Ivana and Magdalena from Macedonia. But before steping up on the stage one of the girls showed how to braid hair…and sing, of course!

For the second rehearsal the girls changed their outfits, and it looks much better now! At the backdrops there is the first heart image for today, but be sure, not the last. Another one interesting fact: several acts are having 3 female dancers today as well, some acts even more. Let’s watch Ivana and Magdalena’s today perfomance from the audience point of view:

Right after Macedonia it was a turn of Italy to perform. You might know, that Chiara and Martina are identical twins – and this time they were dressed in the same red dresses and black boots. It is likely to be their outfit for the Jury and Grand Finals. Very rockish. Girls are alone on the stage, but I assume we have to wait untill Saturday to see how it looks like on screen.

Irish Aimee Banks was third to hold the second rehearsal, and her performance was a sudden contrast to the Italian one like “calm after the storm”.

13 year old young soprano from  County Galway gained the audience affection with “celtic female vocal”, and not for the first time. The delegation also made some changes compared to the first rehearsal. First, no more compass at the backdrop, which colour is now more purple and less emerald. Let’s guess the colour of her dress – may be emerald? It would look magnificient! And the second thing to mention was fog, and it makes the picture completed and very Irish.

Right before the lunch break Georgian The Virus tried to “infect” everyone for the second time with their catchy song “Gabede” and even more catchy performance.  Unfortunately, they weren’t wearing their outfits for the final shows, but we heard some rumours, that we wouldn’t forget them. Most of the details of the performance stayed the same, only backdrop was developed a bit.

Let’s “go backstage” once again, we have a very special guest in Sofia:

Fun fact: after the lunch break a boy and 3 girls were on the stage once again, but this guys represented Armenia. It was Mika and his 3 “muses”, all dressed in pink. His song is called “Love”, so no surprises we can see a heart image at the backdrop.

By the way, do you agree with me, that Mika reminds of JESC 2013 and ESC 2015 Sammarinese participant Michele Perniola? However, they have at least one thing in common:

And don’t forget to watch Mika’s second rehearsal:

There are many male participants this year, for reference in Malta Vincenzo was the only one boy. And after Armenia the stage was taken by Ruslan from Belarus. This country not just has never missed a Junior Eurovision contest, but also won at the contest twice! The first thing you notice about the performance is an atmosphere of magic. Light, fog, backdrop help to make you feel like you are in a fairy tale. Very Zlata Ognevich in a good meaning. Are you charmed?

The next one was Destiny from Malta, last year host country. What a voice! Destiny is one of few artists, who use catwalk and do it very “properly”. If you ask me to describe the singer in one word, I would say “charismatic” (my second option would be “energetic”). Good luck to Destiny, you will rock on Saturday with one of the best camerawork, I’m sure of it!

By the way, do you know Destiny’s favorite singer? Here is the answer:

After the last year host country it is time for this year host country, though initially Bulgaria was scheduled to perform just after the lunch break.

Very serene atmosphere is built by music, backdrop with “shooting star shower” and light. Personally, I like artistic gymnasts with their balls and ribbons, their moves are fast, but flowing, which complementing shooting stars.

Gabriela and Ivan will perform 13th on Saturday. Let this number be lucky for them!

And finally it’s time for Albania. Mishela‘s song is a greeting to the World! And you can read it in several languages right on her dress! There is something ethnical about her outfit, but the cut of dress is quite modern. Personally, I really love the song, but I’m concerned that stage might look a bit empty on screens. African drums would make the stage look better.

It’s not all for today! In case you missed the Junior Eurovision 2015 Openening Ceremony yesterday, you can watch it on demand:

And don’t forget to vote in our poll! You still have 1 day to vote:

Thank you JuniorEurovision.TV and Wiwibloggs for videos used in this article.

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