Entela Zhula speaks about her sixth participation in Festivali i Kenges!

The 54th Festivali i Kenges, the long-running Albanian music competition which has served as the country’s national selection method since their debut at Eurovision in 2004 will take place in late December. We can find many familiar names in the participant list who will fight for the opportunity to represent Albania in Stockholm next year. One of them is Entela Zhula who will perform the song titled “Muza” in the second semifinal along with her brother Niku. Entela spoke to ESCBubble about her forthcoming participation.

What was your first reaction when you discovered that you will take part in the “Festivali i Këngës” once again?

Well, let’s say that before I got the news, it were my friends that discovered I was accepted in the Festival. It was a friend of mine that called to congratulate me. In the beginning I thought he was joking, but I later realized he was serious and the news made me very happy. I couldn’t believe I was in.

It’ll be your sixth time at “Festivali i Këngës”. That’s amazing and you have huge experience. Do you think that the show has changed since 2005 when you took part for the first time? Are those changes positive or negative?

Of course, from 2005 to now, many things have changed for better in Festivali i Kenges, because technology has advanced, and the recording studios have been using modern technology too. Even the lighting system, the stage and everything else has improved over time.

Who composed your entry “Muza”?

The song is composed by me, and I wrote the lyrics too. The orchestration is done by Vullnet Ibraimi.

Tell us more about your collaboration with Niku?

The song is about a brother and sister playing music in their childhood. In real life, Niku is my brother, and both of us used to sing for fun when we were kids, and our love for music has made us more connected to each other. Now finally ten years from my first participation in “Festivali i Kenges” I can introduce myself in duet, together with my brother Niku Zhula. Niku is currently studying to be a singer, and “Muza” is his first song.

How are the preparations for “Festivali i Këngës” going? Do you have any ideas about stage performance, outfits etc.?

I am really excited, and I have already thought of mine and Nik’s outfits, but I won’t reveal it right now. It will be a surprise for the performance day.

If you win Festivali i Këngës, would you like to sing your song in Albanian or English during Eurovision Song Contest?

I think the song will sound great in English too, and I would love to sing it in English. This way all Eurovision listeners around Europe would be able to understand the lyrics.

What’s new in your music career? Any new songs or music projects?

I have many songs I have written and composed myself, but I haven’t had the time to record the songs and publish them in a single project yet. Being a lawyer and working as a lawyer takes a lot of my time, so it’s sometimes hard to find time to do other things.

Are you a Eurovision fan? What’s your favorite Eurovision song?

Of course I am a Eurovision fan. I have been following Eurovision since I was a kid and I have always loved Ukraine’s winning song by Ruslana.

What do you think about previous Albanian Eurovision participants?

They are all very talented singers, with some of them I have had collaborations in different events, and I feel there will be high competition among artists.

Finally, do you have any message for Eurovision fans who will watch “Festivali i Këngës”online?

I want to kindly greet all Eurovision fans and I am very happy I will have their attention, but above all I hope they will enjoy my new entry in Festivali i Kenges.

ESCBubble would like to thank Entela Zhula for this interview, and wish her and her brother the best of luck in Festivali i Kenges.

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