ESCBubble’s Junior Eurovision poll results before the start of rehearsals

After running the Junior Eurovision poll for one week, and as the rehearsals are starting tomorrow morning in Bulgaria, we are ready to reveal the first results of our poll.

Before the rehearsals start in Sofia tomorrow, we decided to reveal the current result of our poll. Seeing as we are asking everyone to rank all the songs from their personal favourite as 1st, until the song you like the least as 17th, these are the average rankings of all the songs:

4.95 Slovenia
5.31 Armenia
5.49 Serbia
6.18 Malta
6.20 Australia
6.93 Ireland
8.00 Ukraine
9.05 Belarus
9.16 Russia
9.50 San Marino
9.95 Albania
10.08 Georgia
10.15 Netherlands
11.10 Macedonia
11.25 Montenegro
11.28 Bulgaria
11.44 Italy

If we revert to the top 10 system, there are slight changes in the rankings. Here it is:

479 Slovenia
458 Armenia
454 Serbia
375 Australia
368 Malta
318 Ireland
259 Belarus
254 Ukraine
253 San Marino
242 Georgia
239 Albania
235 Russia
176 Netherlands
147 Macedonia
144 Bulgaria
117 Montenegro
102 Italy

Some fun facts of the votes/ranks cast until now:

  • Serbia got ranked first the most times
  • Malta is the only one not to be ranked last a single time
  • While Slovenia was ranked in second place in almost 20% of the time, Montenegro wasn’t ranked second a single time
  • Australia wasn’t ranked 7th a single time, while Ukraine wasn’t ranked in 4th a single time.
  • Bulgaria and Italy are yet to be ranked in first place.

You can of course still cast your votes (full ranking) either on our polls page (click), or right here (drag and drop the songs to rank the songs from 1st – best, to 17th – the one you like the least):


  1. MarioVision says

    Ok but for me it doesn’t really matter about which country gets the most 12 points or which country is not ranked last by anyone…But only which country wins..

    4 example we have seen in EuroVision
    ~ The winner receiving less 12 points than the 2nd runner up (2013 Malmo)
    ~ The winner getting voted by less countries than the 2nd/3rd placed countries(2004 Istanbul,2007 Helsinki )
    ~ The winner not winning the semifinal (2008 Belgrade, 2011 Dusseldorf)
    ~ The winner not winning in televoting (this year in Vienna)
    ~ The winner not winning in juries (2011 Dusseldorf)
    ~ The winner not winning in OGAE pre contest voting (most of the years actually)

    So its just only simple stats if you ask me..
    p.s – Can you imagine if in the future we will see a country winning either the Junior or the adult EuroVision & getting zero/nul 12 points??? This odd scenario is not totally impossible to happen you know! 😉

  2. MarioVision says

    In my opinion here how it goes..

    ~~ 3 countries are just outsiders…Unlikely for them to win..
    Italy, Montenegro & FYR

    ~~ 6 countries are dark horses to win…Likely to happen..
    Belarus,San Marino,Russia,Albania,Georgia,Bulgaria

    ~~ 7 countries are hot favorites to win…Much likely to happen scenario..
    Australia,Ireland,Malta,Netherlands,Armenia,Serbia & Ukraine

    ~~ A single 1 country is big hot favorite to win…Has the most chances to win on Saturday..
    And that country is of course: Slovenia

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