Flaka Krelani speaks about her participation in Festivali i Kenges

The 54th Festivali i Kenges, the long-running Albanian music competition which has served as the country’s national selection method since their debut at Eurovision in 2004 will take place in late December. We can find many familiar names in the participant list who will fight for the opportunity to represent Albania in Stockholm next year. One of them is Flaka Krelani who will perform the song titled “S’je për mua” during the second semifinal of Festivali i Kenges.

Flaka Krelani’s best result in Festivali i Kenges is second place in 2008 together with Doruntina Disha, and is hoping for reaching a step higher in this Festival which leads to Eurovision. Flaka found some free time to tell us more about her forthcoming participation.

What was your first reaction when you discovered that you will take part in the Festivali i Kenges once again?

Well, it is always a pleasure to be a part of Festivali I Kenges. It is not my first time, so I know the feeling how it is to be performing in such a big stage , with a huge wonderful orchestra! I just can’t wait.

I can say you are one of the veterans of this festival as it’ll be your fifth participation! That’s very impressive. You finished second in FiK46 with “Jeta kërkon dashurie” and fifth with “Le të bëhet çfarë të dojë” two years later. What’s your goal at this year’s Festivali i Kenges?

This is my first time that I’m participating with my own song, a song which is composed and written by my best partner/producer/brother Xhimi a.k.a XhimiOndËBeat and I’m so excited. This song will be a part of my first album too, so I just hope that people will love it, that’s all it matters. They’re the best critics.

Can you tell us more about your new song “S’je për mua”? What can we expect?

The song is written by XhimiOndËBeat (my brother and at the same time my all time partner) and the orchestration is done by the famous Albanian composer that it was our honor to work with – Alfred Kaçinari. The song is a smooth pop ballad which has very meaningful lyrics, as it is about unconditional love. Even though sometimes we find ourselves fighting for something that isn’t ours or it wasn’t written to be our thing, at least we should be happy and proud that we learned how to fight for it, how to earn it, how to value things that we have already, and not when they’re gone! All I can say is, when you guys will hear and see me performing at the stage, don’t just see and hear me, listen to the message!

How are the preparations for Festivali i Kenges going?

I really have no clue about anything yet. We didn’t start rehearsing, I think it is a bit early. However, I already know everything about my outfit. I will work with a fashion designer Dona Matoshi. We have already made the initial looks of the outfits, and soon they’ll be finished! I’m so excited, this is one of the parts I love the most especially collaborating with the designer/friend/amazing human being that has dressed me for years.

If you win Festivali i Kenges, would you like to sing your song in Albanian or English in the Eurovision Song Contest?

At the first night of performing the song for the first time in Eurovision, I will sing the song in English, after I’ll win it in the final, I’ll sing it in Albanian 😀 

As you are a Kosovar singer, do you think Kosovo should participate in Eurovision Song Contest?

All my prayers go to this wish right now, we really wish that Kosovo will be one of the countries that would debut in Eurovision. There are so many wonderful singers and bands that could represent Kosovo in the best way possible.

What’s new in your artistic life? Tell us more about your upcoming plans and music projects.

I’m working on my very first album. 80% of it is done and we are working now on that remaining 20%. We are planing of publishing it next year, but before that, we will go first with a single and a video clip. Stay tuned people…

What do you think about previous Albanian Eurovision participants?

I think our previous Albanian singers, they have all represent us so dignified. As about the votes and winners, we have to know that, tastes are relative.

Finally, do you have any message for Eurovision fans who will watch Festivali i Kenges online?

I just wish that all of my fans will like the song and they will find themselves deep inside the song. All we tried to do is to fulfill they’re hearts and minds with pure art, love, peace, respect and infinite motivation in life.

ESCBubble would like to thank Flaka Krelani for this interview, and we wish her the best of luck in this year’s Festivali i Kenges.

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