Friday Predictions for Junior Eurovision 2015 from ESCBubble team

Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015 is moving closer and very soon we will watch the show on TV screens, and the luckiest of us in the thick of it in Arena “Armeec”, located in Sofia, Bulgaria. For the last 11 months many people from all over the Europe (and even farther places) have put their hearts, talents and time to produce the (best ever) final show, which will summarize the made efforts and make a record in the history of Eurovision.

But “forever starts today”, as participants from 17 countries will receive their first points from the National Jury members after tonight show, which is no news for the experienced Eurovision fans. Of course, we won’t know a single point until The Voting, the most excited part of the the Final show. But it’s totally allowed to guess the winner, top-3, top-5, bottom-1, 2, 3 etc. ESCBubble team decided to put predictions from each of the editors #together and let’s see what came out of it. But let me remind you of all the 17 songs:

So 8 escbubblers submitted their envelopes with at least top-3 prediction.

Let’s start with a sad part: bottom-3. Just a few editors were brave enough to range all the 17 countries, and all these editors agreed, that Montenegro and Italy would finish at bottom-3, the third country is Macedonia. However, no one mentioned Italy on the last place and Maciej has an explanation: “I think Italy will score much better than it deserves as we have many pro-Italian countries this year (Slovenia, San Marino, Albania, Montenegro)”.

Let’s move up.

6 countries Belarus, Serbia, Armenia, Slovenia, Australia and Malta were named to likely win tomorrow. This is more than one third of all the participating countries!

Why Malta?

Danny: Destiny is an excellent performer and this is a catchy, feel-good up-tempo song which I think will definitely stand out, and singing in English is a definite advantage. I think Malta will continue with their good run of results and will finish very high on Saturday night.

Mikael: Her voice is amazing and the song is very catchy. Destiny also has good chances to bring JESC back to Malta!

Why Slovenia? Let’s ask Slovenian!

Jan: Girl proved so many times that she can sing. Even in that way that I’m usually thinking about it and doubting about her live singing. We cannot never know when she’s singing on playback or in live. Why? Because her vocals are so strong, powerful and amazingly similar to studio version. But – let the best win!

Daria: Maraaya totally know how to work with kids and write songs with them. This is a good proper teenager song.

And Belarus?

Melissa: Love his vocals – very strong.

Nathan: –I think this is exactly the kind of entry that wins Junior Eurovision Song Contest. A singer with an impressive voice singing a grand ballad. If I were to bet, this is the entry I’d put my money on.

Daria: Ruslan is the most “viewed” participant based on statistics of the official JESC youtube channel!

So, Armenia?

Danny: I think the winner is likely to be Armenia. It’s one of the most child-friendly songs in the competition and it definitely stands out amongst the other songs. It’s a little bit too childish for me though. I don’t dislike it, but I have it ranked seventeenth in my preferences. But then my favourite has never won Junior Eurovision, and usually comes second or third!

Mikael: Amazing catchy song. MIKA is a great performer and is fun to watch on stage.

Why-y-y Australia? Let’s ask our Aussie first.

Melissa: Great vocals, nice song (even if it reminds me of Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys). Blows everything else out of the water.

Nathan: A contemporary ballad that I expect to go down well with the televoters. She has an amazing voice as well, which I think will be highly appreciated by the juries. I also think the fact that Australia makes a guest appearance in this contest will prompt people to notice this country a bit more, compared to the other countries.

Maciej: Australia will receive many points from Bulgaria, MAcedonia, Irealdn and Malta probably

And finally, Serbia! 

Danny:  This is my favourite of the proper ballads in the competition. It’s hard to believe Lena is only 11 years old as she has such a powerful voice for someone so young. She reminds me a little of Gaia from Malta and Kristina from Bulgaria who both did very well in the competition. The only downside is that the song may be a little too ‘adult’ for her, but I still think this song could give them a decent finishing position.

Jan: Little Lena did a really good job. Enthusiastic and emotional performance cannot let you cold in not a single way.

Based on all these predictions the following 3 countries are likely to place in top-3: 1 – Armenia, 2 – Belarus, 3 – Slovenia. And it’s a good tradition to watch a “winner”:


Good luck to the all countries! And there is a special message from Danny:

I’m looking forward to watching the live broadcast and I will be tweeting my thoughts LIVE throughout the show at @escbubble
– why not join me!

And it’s probably you last chance to vote in our poll:

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