Teuta Kurti speaks about her participation in Festivali i Kenges

The 54th Festivali i Kenges, the long-running Albanian music competition which has served as the country’s national selection method since their debut at Eurovision in 2004 will take place in late December. We can find many familiar names in the participant list who will fight for the opportunity to represent Albania in Stockholm next year. One of them is Teuta Kurti who will perform the song titled “Në sytë e mi” in the first semifinal. Teuta Kurti is very busy right now as she became a mother not long ago, but she found some free time to speak to ESCBubble about her forthcoming participation.

What was your first reaction when you discovered that you will take part in the Festivali i Kenges once again?

My first appearance before the audience was at age 15, since then my road has been paved with many festivals and concerts, but the Eurovision Song Contest has always had a greater deal in all it’s seriousness and responsibilities as an artist.

It’ll be your third time at Festivali i Kenges so hopefully it will be your “third time lucky”. Do you think that the show has changed since 2004 when you took part for the first time? Are those changes positive or negative?

I do believe things change for good at least in this part of Europe, so with time not only the festival as a whole but also me as an artist have come a long way and I believe in that small change that happens every year. Let’s cross fingers for that… 🙂

Who composed your entry “Në sytë e mi” and what we can expect from your song?

A very talented composer Sokol Marsi wrote my song, and we won’t settle for anything less than the golden ticket.

How are the preparations for Festivali i Kenges going? Do you have any ideas about stage performance, outfits etc.?

We are working on something but we all think that the song has to carry it’s own weight.

If you win Festivali i Kenges, would you like to sing your song in Albanian or English during Eurovision Song Contest?

It depends if the lyrics translated in English have the same impact to the listener as it does in Albanian. In the end it’s all about the emotion you give during the performance and if the public is ready to catch that feeling.

What’s new in your music career? Any new songs or music projects?

I was a part of Kosovo Philharmonic Choir until I became a mother so I paused that until now, and I am going back from January 2016.

As you are a Kosovar singer, do you think Kosovo should participate in Eurovision Song Contest?

It is very sad to hear that a country can’t participate in something that brings people together for a good cause, and especially a country that is IN Europe geographically and I do believe with all my heart that Kosovo soon will be part of ESC, and rock it.

Are you a Eurovision fan? What’s your favorite Eurovision song?

I’m not crazy and all that about Eurovision, but I do follow the 1st and 2nd night and know exactly who will win. Trust me, all jokes aside, I got it right last years with “Heroes”, “Only teardrops”, “Satellite”. My all-time favorite has to be “Lejla” by Hari Mata Hari, I love it.

What do you think about previous Albanian Eurovision participants?

From all the contestants I would like to highlight my good friend Rona Nishliu with her great performance “Suus”.

Finally, do you have any message for Eurovision fans who will watch Festivali i Kenges online?

I send a lot of greetings and love to all the fans and don’t forget to have fun, it’s just music.

ESCBubble would like to thank Teuta Kurti for this interview, and we all wish her the best of luck in Festivali i Kenges.

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