Voltan Prodani speaks about his participation in Festivali i Kenges

The 54th Festivali i Kenges, the long-running Albanian music competition which has served as the country’s national selection method since their debut at Eurovision in 2004 will take place in late December. We can find many familiar names in the participant list who will fight for the opportunity to represent Albania in Stockholm next year. One of them is Voltan Prodani who will perform the song titled “Dëgjoje këngën o Atë” during the first semifinal of Festivali i Kenges. Voltan spoke to ESCBubble about his forthcoming participation.

What was your first reaction when you discovered that you will take part in the Festivali i Kenges once again?

My first reaction, when I’ve learned that I’ll be in this year’s Festivali i Kenges, was a explosion of full happiness and emotions, because for me, to take part at FIK this year is a important part of my carrier. That means a lot for me, especially cause the song that I composed for Festival is dedicated to my father: Mehdi Prodani, the king of guitar in Albania, and his great persecution under the regime of Comunism and all those great artists that suffered in misery and pression from the regime of Hoxha.

It won’t be your first time at Festivali i Kenges, you already have big experience taking part in this competition. Do you think that the show has changed? Are those changes positive or negative?

It’s true… I’ve been many times in competitions and Festivals, while this Festival has changed in good directions recent years, especially since 50th edition, with totally live performance, vocals and big orchestra and band, everything live. In my opinion, it’s great that RTSH decided to make FiK total live show and it made Festivali i Kenges the most professional and serious competition for modern pop music in Albania.

Who composed your entry “Dëgjoje këngën o Atë” and what can we expect from your song?

“Dëgjoje këngën o Atë” is composed and arranged by myself, lyrics by Zhuliana Jorganxhi. Because I am a singer and songwriter I would like my song to have a positive impact from the general public during this festival. For me, the singer and composer, the success of the song is more important than the prize.

How are the preparations for Festivali i Kenges going?

In my opinion, the preparations of the festival this year look very good and new ideas are coming. Stage, director, audio and lighting realization, it will be on a high level of professional and contemporary, following the example of the Eurovision Song Contest.

If you win Festivali i Kenges, would you like to sing your song in Albanian or English during Eurovision Song Contest?

Very good question…. If I win and will represent Albania in Eurosong Contest, I think, I will sing my song in English, only for one reason… Because my style of composing, singing and performing by piano and guitar is very near to European modern pop style and English language, is the best for making the song more international!

What’s new in your music career? Any new songs or music projects?

Recently, I have published my new music video clip “S’te Gjej Askund!” I performed live through several different events in style pop and piano bar lounge. I collaborate with other artists, in duet with Classic Boys: “Dream of dance”, and the latest project, the creation of an artistic Ensemble Pop at the Artistic High school “Jordan Misja” in Tirana.

Are you the Eurovision fan? What’s your favorite Eurovision song?

Sure, I am a Eurovision fan for many years. I have a lot of favourite songs, I can tell you some of them: “Insieme” by Toto Cotugno from Italy and “My Number One” by Helena Paparizou from Greece.

What do you think about previous Albanian Eurovision participants?

I think our previous participants in Eurosong Contest had very good performance. In my opinion Anjeza Shahini (our first entrant) and Rona Nishliu had the best performance and music.

Finally, do you have any message for Eurovision fans who will watch Festivali i Kenges online?

Dear fans and viewers of the Eurovision Song Contest, I invite you all to follow the 54th Festivali i Kenges with attention, because for me as a composer and performer for years, it is very important that my art and music can reach you and become international. You are welcomed to any critical thought or suggestion regarding the songs of the festival.We will be heard soon in December.

Thank you for the interview and good luck in the competition!

Thanks you for this funny interview. I wish you all the best in ESC 2016 in Stockholm.

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