Anastasia Malashkevich: “Love can save life!”

Anastasia Malashkevich is one of the finalists of the Belarussian Eurofest for the third time in a row. After finishing 6th in 2014 and being the runner-up of 2015, she is hoping to represent her country in 2016 with a song she wrote by herself – “Pray for love”.

We spoke to Anastasia about her participation in this year’s Eurofest, and wanted to hear more about her song and performance on the night. Check out everything she told us right here:

First of all, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Anastasia Malashkevich. I am an opera star, the owner of a unique vocal. I’m a singer, and the vocal coach of a number of Belarussian artists. I’m also the graduate of the Music Academy in the class of opera, the champion of Belarus in karaoke in 2014. I was number 5 singer in the world at the Karaoke World Championship 2014 which was held in Stockholm, Sweden, and I was also the finalist of Eurovision in Belarus in 2014 (6th place), 2015 (2nd place) and now in 2016 as well.

What was your first reaction when you found out that you made it in the top 10?

Honestly speaking, I expected it. But I was happy when the results came out.

This is your third time in a row taking part in the Belarusian selection, and last year you finished second. Do you think third time’s going to be the charm? 🙂 

This is my third attempt to represent Belarus on Eurovision. And now I’m adjusted very seriously. So, we will see the result very soon.

Can you tell us more about the meaning of your song “Pray For Love”, and the team behind it?

The sense of my song is very simple. We live in non-standard time when all people become angry, and when many forget about the goodness. But we can chance it. Together. And then a lot of things on Earth will change. Love can save life! This is first time the song was written entirely by me: both music and the lyrics. There were some ideological inspirers, but in general this is a result of my work.

How are your preparations for the national final going? Do you have some ideas about your stage performance, outfit, how is everything going to look like?

Of course! I have many ideas, and some of them are already in progress. As you understand, i can’t tell about them right now, but I promise only one thing – I’ll present you a really great show!

What do you think of the change in the rules in Belarus, that only the public is going to pick the winner this year?

The Eurovision selection is a national competition. Therefore it’s correct that the winner will be chosen by people. But how it will be in reality – we can see later.

What would representing Belarus in Eurovision mean to you?

It would be a great chance to represent my country in the whole world from another good side. It’s very important for me.

Do you usually follow the Eurovision Song Contest, and have you got a favourite Eurovision song?

From year to year I follow Eurovision, and it has become a part of me. Favorite song? Lordi’s “Hard rock hallelujah”!!! It was so unusual and amazing!

Are you engaged in any other projects currently?

Now I’m taking part in reality-TV show “Transformation”. Here you can see, how me and my friends become better, more healthy and athletic. “Transformation” – TV show, how 8 absolutely different people have to fight with overweight. So we have fitness, cross-fit, diets… It’s funny enough!

Finally, do you have a message for all the Eurovision fans and readers of ESCBubble, who will be watching Eurofest this year and support you?

Only one – soon will meet in Sweden! Believe me! Pray for love!

Facts about Anastasia Malashkevich

We wanted to get to know Anastasia a little bit better personally, and we asked her what is her favorite:

BookKen Kesey – One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest.

Movie“The Lord Of The Rings” and “Some Like It Hot”

Dish: Pizza

Sport: Swimming, and training in the gym

Singer/bandAntonio Vivaldi, Edvard Grieg, AC/DC.

Song of all time: can’t tell. This is a very hard question 🙂

The Song

Anastasia Malashkevich is competing in Eurofest with “Pray For Love”. Give it a listen right here:

If Anastasia Malashkevich is your personal favourite in the Belarussian final, you can vote for her right here:

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