Bella C: “Let’s spread love. We can do it, if we hold together”

Bella C is one of the six finalists who will participate in the Swiss national selection for Eurovision. On February 13th 2016, she will take the stage with the hope of winning the Swiss national final and representing her country at Eurovision 2016, in Stockholm, with her song is called ”Another World”.

Bella C took the time to talk to ESCBubble about her forthcoming participation in the Swiss national selection for Eurovision and about her entry called ”Another World”.

What was your first reaction when you were told that you had qualified for the Swiss national final?

Oh my God that was amazing feeling!  I got a call from my producer… The first few seconds I lost my tough. I remember the faces of all my friends around me with eyes wide open! I told them the good news and we were SCREAMING ! Loud !! Jumping just like small kids! Really funny! Of course that evening I couldn’t sleep at all ! 🙂 those moments I will remember forever – I am sure!

Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself and your musical career?

I started my music career 20 years ago. Traveling between Cyprus, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Turkey, Sweden, Norway , Singapore, China, Japan even Lapland ( on -40’C ) 🙂  was interesting experience to see and feel all those countries. I was doing cover songs. Than I decided to reduce stage performances and to learn more about music. Went to a studio, and start composing. I did 1-2 albums, I worked with some known Swiss musicians, but basically I wanted to develop myself as a song writer and studio musician.

Some years later I realized I was missing live performances, and than I start parallel with studio work, some small shows.. Than bigger ones, and bigger ones.. I had the honor to share the stage with Nelly Furtado, The Hurts, Loreen , ( ESC 2012) , Tom Odell , in few weeks I will perform with  – with Jessie J and The Jacksons ( brothers from Michael Jackson). I’m really enjoying my life as a musician. It’s exciting, and there is nothing else in the world I wanna do, but singing and playing piano.

Is there a message behind your song?

”Another world” it’s a very dramatic,emotional and breath taking ballad. The text of the song came out very fast, it was Just pouring out of my fingers. At that particular moment  I felt very much involved in the world’s situation. I mean : aggression, terror, anger, hate, war,..the lyrics were my message to all of us.. “Let’s spread love. We can do it, if we hold together”
That song has deepness! I think  it’s a timeless ballad with beautiful melody and lyrics. This song can touch the hearts of the listeners with the message of “love and compassion”. I’m sure it can.. Just like it touches me while I sing it. So, take a breath and listen it in silence. it’s really strong emotion! It deserves to be spread in Europe!

Do you have any special ideas (ex: dancers, choreography…) for your live performance during the national final?

I am constantly thinking how my show will be.. Doing a brain storming, checking ideas, dreaming about styling and …. Ah ..this  thoughts are occupying my mind all the time. Slowly everything is getting more clear and soon I am sure I will have my dream show picture in my mind. I decided that I won’t be sitting all the time behind the piano. The rest it’s a secret 😉

What were your thoughts and feelings during your performance in the expert check?

I have listened many times to my life performance. Watching every detail on my face, listening to my voice. I found many little things I should work on it.. I know I can do it better. To be honest, that was my first big tv performance. I was extremely nervous. My Goodness , my feet were shaking. 🙂
I know that on 13.02 I will be calm because I realized that I have exactly 3 minutes to deliver millions of emotions.

Do you have any plans for 2016?

My plans? Well .. My plans are always connected with music. It was like this before ESC and it will be that way after ESC. My music agenda it’s kind of full for 2016 already. I have in plans to do lot of gigs, parties, studio jobs, recording of songs.. Bella C it’s a music soldier since 20 years and I guess it will go on like this for the next 20 years! 🙂

What do you think of the previous Swiss Eurovision participants?

Swiss had very good ESC acts. And they were all well prepared. Pity many of them didn’t achieved top positions. I was always keeping fingers cross for all of them!

Who are you favourite artists? Do you have an inspiration?

Of course – Celine Dion is my biggest inspiration when I think about Swiss ESC performer. I have only one word for her – “Amazing”! This power and at the same time easiness of her performance were breathtaking for me! Chapeau!!!

Are you a Eurovision fan? What are your favourite Eurovision songs?

Yes, I have been following ESC since some years. Always keeping eye on who is singing, what kind of songs, I even voted few times. Some how I feel myself part of this Europe music family. 🙂
Some of my favorite songs are “Euphoria” ( Loreen 2012), “Molitva” ( Maria Serifovic 2007) the classic in this format “Waterloo” ( ABBA 1974).

What would you like to say to your fans who are going to support during the national final?

Dear ESCBubble fans, thank you soooooo much for your support!!! I wish you a wonderful Xmas and great start in 2016!! Keep your fingers cross for me! I promise you – I will give the best I have, to make you happy with my performance. Will sing the song like there is no tomorrow!! 🙂 … and don’t forget – Give LOVE, share LOVE, spread LOVE, cos this is all that matters! Only with love we can create “Another World”!!!
Thank YOU!!!!

Question from a fan: What is the most important thing for you in a song? 

I think the combination between lyrics, music and emotions is the most important thing.. When the balance between those 3 elements is perfect- than you have the perfect song!! 🙂

We would like to thank Bella C for taking the time to do this interview and wish her the best of luck during the Swiss national final. Until the show, you can watch her performance at the expert check:

If Bella C is your favourite in the Swiss Eurovision selection and you would like to see her representing Switzerland in Stockholm, you can vote for her in our poll right here:

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