Meet the six acts of the Spanish national final!

Only a couple of days before New Year, TVE decided to make public the names of the six artists who will be competing for a single ticket to Stockholm, to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

As previously announced, TVE opted for a national final once again, of the same format used in 2014 when Ruth Lorenzo won with her song “Dancing In The Rain” and finished 10th in the competition in Copenhagen. Now, in half an hour intervals starting from 10:30 and until 13:00, TVE will announce the names of the six artists who will be competing to represent Spain in Stockholm. The songs however, will be made public at a later date.

The six acts are:

  1. Xuso Jones – his name was one of those which appeared the most through TVE’s hashtag #euroapuesta. Xuso will be taking part with a song composed by two Swedish composers – Andreas Öhrn and Peter Boström. He describes his song as “very fresh, a song that grows, and a song with lots of emotions”. He also has some thoughts of his stage performance – it will be very visual and new.
  2. Salvador Beltran – this singer/composer has written his song by himself. He describes it as a song that would show Europe the happy characteristics of the Spanish people. The song is all about happy days, and how even we are down we have to keep smiling and remembering all of those nice experiences we had and all the nice people who surround us. The song will have a touch of Spanish folklore, the base of it will be the guitar, and the entire song is very latin.
  3. Maverick – one of the “most wanted” in TVE’s twitter campaign #euroapuesta! Maverick’s song is written by Juan Magán, Darlyn Cuevas “DCS” and Luiggi Giussepe Olivares, and sounds 100% latino! Maverick describes his song as one that “will bring everyone up on their feet, and a song that you will start dancing to as soon as you hear it”. It has been a while since Spain sent a proper latino song to the Eurovision Song Contest, and Maverick thinks that it is about time to send one again, as they always used to do well in the Contest, and it is something that Spanish people are. He also added that when people abroad think about Spanish people, their thoughts are: happiness, latinos, passion, and he thinks that a song which ticks all of these boxes is the right one for Eurovision.
  4. Maria Isabel – the winner of Junior Eurovision 2004 is back! After her smashing hit “Antez muerta que sencilla”, Maria wants to give Eurovision yet another massive hit! She says: “I have wonderful memories of Eurovision, and it is the best thing that ever happened in my life. My dream is to be able to re-live all those wonderful moments”. She says that even though her voice changed, she is still a little bit like a child, and she still has the same wish she had when she was nine years old – live for music.
  5. Electric Nana – could Spain go indie in Eurovision? Yes, they could! Electric Nana is a huge Eurovision fan, who hasn’t missed an edition ever since she was a child. She says musicians are afraid of going to Eurovision, but she has a huge will to participate, and she says that she has a song that will get all the people excited. She added that she is not entering the national selection for promotion, but because she wants to represent her country in Eurovision. She describes her song as a song that “makes everyone feel good, that connects with people, and makes them have a good time and smile”.
  6. Barei – even though she is not as well known as the other five, but Barei sure has good things to offer! Her song is a modern pop song with an electronic base, and a very up-to-date sound. Barei says that people can identify with her song, and that the song is about how you shold never give up. She composes songs in English with very clear messages, and her music is usually pop. She thinks that “Heroes” by Mans is a very universal and international song, which can be played in the radios all over the world. This is the type of music she is going for as well, and says her song is very international.

There we have the six acts in Spain. Which of them do you like the most? Vote here:

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  1. Rob says

    Not Xuso Jones with his Swedish composers. These Swedes go all over Europe to sell their stuff. Could we have smth Spanish, please?
    For the rest, let me hear the songs first before judging. As long as it sounds authentic, it’s ok for me.

    1. PhilC says

      but its OK of you to judge the Swedish song before you heard it… THAT’S ok then…. #selective

    2. Gazmend says

      I get your point Rob. Better with something genuinely Spanish, they are one of the biggest countries of Europe. And should have enough to choose from when it comes to their domestic market. The point of ESC is to find music which is typical for the country.

  2. Funky grandad says

    Given these news, I think I have a fave already: song 5! Yay for indie in ESC! Good Luck to Electric Nana 🙂

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