Napoli: “We want to do something magical”

After being a band for a couple of years, Napoli became a solo project of the lead singer – Olyga Shimanskaya. She is now taking part in Eurofest for the third time in a row. Together with her band, her entry in 2014 “Stay With Me” finished in 8th place, and in 2015 with “My Dreams” she finished 6th place. This year Napoli is entering the final with the song called “My Universe”.

We spoke to Napoli regarding her participation in this year’s Eurofest, and wanted to hear more about her song and performance on the night. Check out everything she told us right here:

First of all, how did you decide to enter a song for Eurofest once again?

This year the song was written for me by the Belarusian composer Leonid Shirin. We wanted to do something magical, so we decided to give people a little bit of magic and goodness in the current hard times.

What was your first reaction when you found out that you made it in the top 10?

We really wanted to get into the final so we were very worried, and then relieved when it was announced that we passed to the top 10. Together with my team, we were very pleased to see ourselves among the finalists of the national selection.

This is your third time in a row taking part in the Belarusian selection, and so far every time you improved your previous result. Do you think your third time’s going to be the charm? 🙂

I really want our song to bring happiness to people, and have the audience open to our song. 

Who do you think will be your biggest competition to win this year?

This competition is unpredictable, so it is very difficult to say who is the main competitor. Every participant is interesting in its own way and can have success with the audience, so my opponents are all of the other nine participants.

Can you tell us more about the meaning of your song “My Universe”, and the team behind it?

The heroine of the song shares her inner world and calls everyone to uncover a universe of his own. There is no secret, as it is in everyone’s heart. Only love, faith and the power of goodness!

How are your preparations for the national final going? Do you have some ideas about your stage performance, outfit, how is everything going to look like?

We are working on our number and the dress in which I will go on stage. We are still considering various options, and we haven’t got a specific concept yet, but we will hope that people will have a good impression of my performance.

What do you think of the change in the rules in Belarus, that only the public is going to pick the winner this year?

I think that this is the right solution! Let the audiences choose. Then in the end there will be less bad comments on the Internet to the members of the jury.

What would representing Belarus in Eurovision mean to you?

It would be a great opportunity to present myself as high-level artist.

Have you all got your favourite Eurovision songs?

Of course! I love Eurovision, and some my favourite songs are Emmelie de Forest’s “Only Teardrops”; Loreen’s “Euphoria”; Sanna Nielsen’s “Undo”; Polina Gagarina’s “Million Voices” etc.

Finally, do you have a message for all the Eurovision fans and readers of ESCBubble, who will be watching Eurofest this year and support you?

Dear friends, discover in yourselves your own universe, in which there will be peace, kindness and love! Believe in magic and all of your most treasured dreams come true!

Facts about Napoli

We wanted to get to know Olyga a little bit better, so we asked her for her favourite:

Book: “Crime”, written by Amélie Nothomb
Movie: Bodyguard
DishI prefer dishes of fish and seafood, salads with lots of greenery, but one of my most favorite dishes – salmon.
Sport: Cycling
Singer/band: Whitney Houston
Song: “It’s My Life”

The Song

Give a listen to Napoli’s entry in Eurofest – “My Universe”, right here:

And if Napoli is your personal favourites in the Belarussian national final, make sure you vote for her here:

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