Radiovolna: “We want to share our inner world with all the listeners”

Radiovolna are a newly established band on the Belarusian music scene, and in their very first try, they made it to the top 10 of their Eurovision national selection! Radiovolna are Vlad Chizhikov (lead vocalist), Vitaly Vechersky (guitarist and the arranger), Dmitry Penkrat (keyboard player and backing vocalist), German Bronovitsky (bass player and backing vocalist) and Dmitry Bronovitsky (drummer).

ESCBubble had great pleasure to chat with these guys ahead of their participation in Eurofest with their song “Radio Wave”. We spoke to them about their song, about their plans, and we found out some fun facts about all of these guys.

  • First of all, can you tell us a little bit about yourselves?

We are “Radiovolna” band, just simple guys living for music. We are not trying to be in keeping with some music format or to stay within certain limits, we just write music we love the most and we share it with others. In spite of the fact that we are recent band, each of us has great music experience.

  • How did you guys come together in a band, and it’s name Radiovolna?

We met in 2014 at “Legends. Live” TV project. Within this TV-show guest artists perform cover version of legendary singers’ hits. We worked so well together that we decided to start a new project, so Radiovolna was born. The band’s name came suddenly into our minds at the same time with this song. It’s hard to explain, it’s just an inspiration.

  • This is your first try to represent Belarus in Eurovision. How did you decide to enter this competition?

We are a new band, and Eurovision is a great way to present ourselves. We have a good song that was translated into English and shortened to three minutes. So we decided to send it in for Eurovision without any hesitation.

  • What was your first reaction when you found out that you made it in the top 10?

That night we were working on new songs, but it was just not getting on that well. Probably it was because of emotions, as we were thinking a lot whether we will be in the top 10 or not. When we found out that we were in the top 10, we were so excited! On the one hand it’s good news, but on the other hand now we will face hard work, but we are more than happy to do it!

  • Can you tell us more about the meaning of your song “Radio Wave”?

All our team is behind this song, “Radio Wave”. We started working on it in March and finished in November 2015. We didn’t like the first version of this song at all, so we had to work more on it. The second version of the song was exactly what we wanted. The song “Radio Wave” hasn’t got any deep meanings, as all we want is to share our inner world with all the listeners. The song is positive, bright, kind and fresh.

  • How are your preparations for the national final going? Do you have some ideas about your stage performance, outfits, how is everything going to look like?

We are working on the music video for our contest song right now. After the video shooting, we will start vocal practices and organizing our performance. We won’t reveal everything, but we are going to change our concert outfits and stage performance.

  • What do you think of the change in the rules in Belarus, that only the public is going to pick the winner this year?

It’s a wise decision, because it’s up to spectators to decide who will represent their country in Eurovision. And it’s impossible to cheat the spectators.

  • Who do you think is going to be your biggest competition to win the national final?

There’s no need for becoming obsessed with rivals. We just have to do our best, and that’s it! We think Alexey Gross stands a big chance to win and represent Belarus in Eurovision.

  • What would representing Belarus in Eurovision mean to you?

It would be a great responsibility. We can compare it with participation of a football team in the UEFA European Championship. A huge number of people follow these events, so we want our country to be proud of its representatives.

  • Do you usually follow the Eurovision Song Contest, and have you got your own favourite Eurovision songs?

Eurovision is a very popular contest in Belarus, and there are so many people who take keen interest in it! German likes Mans’ “Heroes”, the winner of last year, while Vlad loves most Eurovision songs, even those not so well-known, like for example “Cool Vibes” from 2005 or “Randajad” from 2009.

  • Are you engaged in any other projects currently?

We are recording songs for our debut album, and also we are shooting a music video for “Radio Wave” in two versions.

  • Finally, do you have a message for all the Eurovision fans and readers of ESCBubble, who will be watching Eurofest this year and support you?

Thank you guys for supporting us, it helps us a lot to work hard. We promise not to get in wrongly. The main thing is to find our audience little by little.

Fun facts about the guys

We also got to know the guys of Radiovolna a bit better, and see that they are after all, quite different from each other. Here’s how:

  • What is your favourite book?

Vlad: Harry Potter
Vitaly: Young Gentlemen’s Encyclopedia
Dmitry (drums): The Bible
German: The Bible
Dmitry (keyboard): The Little Golden Calf

  • Favourite movie?

Vlad: The Matrix
Vitaly: The Terminator
Dmitry (drums): Forrest Gump
German: Silent Hill
Dmitry (keyboard): Groundhog Day

  • Favourite dish?

Vlad: Borscht
Vitaly: Meat dishes
Dmitry (drums): Steak and porridge
German: Any kind of pasta
Dmitry (keyboard): Fajitas

  • Favourite sport?

Vlad: Athletics and biathlon
Vitaly: Football
Dmitry (drums): Wrestling and boxing
German: Basketball
Dmitry (keyboard): none

  • Favourite singer/band?

Vlad: Maroon 5
Vitaly: Queen
Dmitry (drums): Vlad Chizhikov
German: Brian McKnight, Sting
Dmitry (keyboard): Sting, A-Ha

  • Favourite song of all time?

Vlad: If I listen to one best song a lot, soon it becomes the most hateful song. That’s why I don’t have any favorite songs.
Vitaly: Happy birthday.
Dmitry (drums): Times are changing, and favorite songs are changing as well.
German: “If I Ever Lose My Faith” by Sting
Dmitry (keyboard): “Eternal Child” by Chic Corea.


Vlad Chizhikov, the vocalist of the Radiovolna, was awarded with “Best New Artist” category in “The song of the year” contest. Also he has become the winner of “Academy of Talent” at All-National Television’s TV project and he was numerous international contest laureate.

Vitaly Vechersky, the guitarist and the arranger, has played in Belarus, Germany, Russia, Georgia, Poland, Latvia and Finland with Alexandre Patlis, famous Belarussian performer (ex-vocalist of “New Jerusalem” band”). Vitaly Vechersky arranged two albums: “Second Wind” (2008) and “Read my mind” (2011).

Dmitry Penkrat, the keyboard player and backing vocalist, started making his music career at the age of 4, when he played sketchily his first melody using the toy piano “Zhavoronok”. Since the age of 17 he has worked as an arranger, composer and vocalist, and he has performed professionally with various Belarussian artists. Dmitry has visited almost all European countries.

German Bronovitsky, the bass player and backing vocalist, is a graduate of vocational school of Belarusian State Academy of Music. For long time he had done choral conducting. When he was 16, German chose the bass-guitar as the music instrument to play. In 2015 this soul-lover participated in “Academy of Talent” in ONT. Spectators loved his unusual voice timbre.

Dmitry Bronovitsky, the band’s drummer has been playing drums for 10 years. Andrey Zhukov, a famous Belarussian drummer, keyboard player and backing vocalist was his first teacher. During his career, Dmitry played with all famous Belarussian musicians and he has given some solo recitals in Germany, Poland, Russia and Ukraine.

The Song

Give a listen to Radiovolna’s song in Eurofest, “Radio Wave” right here:

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