Amaryllis Uitterlinden wins first week’s televote

Firstly, to those who were following our live blog on Eurosong 2016 tonight: my apologies.
Both my source for watching this show and PC access went away so that’s why the live blog stopped near the end.

What wasn’t included in our live blog is Amaryllis’ performance.
Amaryllis chose to cover Loreen’s Euphoria which she herself described as ”Kate Bush meets Tim Burton”. Alexander Rybak had nothing but praise for her after her performance. He thought she was the most professional contestant of the night and described it as ”so perfect!”. He fell for it immediately.
The only advise he could give her was to be a bit more nervous next time, this in order to not give 100%, like this time, but 110%!
Stijn Kolacny had nothing but great words for her as well. He loved her pure voice and the way she paints the notes. He also praised the way she uses pauses in her singing and then suddenly belts out. Stijn said he could see in Amaryllis a young Maria Carey.

After all the contestants had shown their qualities, an SMS voting was conducted where the Belgian public as asked: Who would you send to the Eurovision Song Contest right now?
Amaryllis Uitterlinden won this voting.
This poll has no real consequences, no one went home, as everyone will perform their own song the next two weeks, and nor does this heighten Amaryllis chances in any substantial way, but it was meant as an indication.

Next week, as said, we will hear the 5 hopefuls perform the songs they hope to represent Belgium in Stockholm with, with the week after: their performances as they will look on stage on Stockholm.

We hope you tune in for another live blog next week!

  1. MarioVision says

    Well i have to hear their songs before making my final conclusion 4 them..

    If Amaryllis’ song turns out to not be that good or its inferior than the other songs of the rest candidates i won’t support her to represent Belgium..
    I like her but she has to help me with bringing a likable song on the table you know..

    To admit, Tom is my least liked contestant of the 5 BUT if his song is masterpiece compared to the weaker songs of the others candidates i won’t object of having him going to Stockholm instead..
    So we have to wait to hear their songs..

  2. Gerry says

    Amaryllis is the best choice so far. She has a great and pure voice.

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