Corazon Mizzi: “Representing Malta would mean the world to me”

Corazon Mizzi is another veteran of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, as she has taken part in every single edition since 2012! With her very first entry titled “Mistifying Eyes” she reached the top 10 of the Maltese selection, and in her last attempt last year, even though her song “Secretly” was one of the fan favourites, unfortunately failed to reach the final.

We had great pleasure to chat with Corazon Mizzi regarding her participation in the Maltese national selection. She spoke to us about her new song and the international team behind it, as well as her views on the other contestants and Eurovision itself. Check out everything she told us right here:

First of all I would like to congratulate you for making it to the top 20! How do you feel about being in the semi finals of Malta’s selection once again?

It feels great to be back in the competition once more! Every year it feels like the first time… it’s so exciting!

How did you decide to enter this Contest this year?

It seemed only natural for me!

Can you tell us more about the story behind your song, and the team who worked on it?

Well Georgios, Sara and Jonas sent me the song in Summer. To be honest, I was always a little bit sceptic about working with foreign composers. However, they were so nice and seemed so friendly that I gave it a try and asked to have a listen to the song they were proposing…. and… as soon as I heard it I fell in love. When it was sent to me, “Falling Glass” was a beautiful ballad… but now we have worked hard on it and it’s changed quite a lot!

How are you getting ready for the national final? Did your ideas for the stage performance all come together, and how is everything going to look like?

At the moment I am not feeling well and in fact am trying to get as much rest as possible in order to heal as quickly as possible. As regards the stage performance, we are still getting things finalised so nothing is set as yet!

CorazonWho do you think is your biggest competition to win the Maltese national final?

It’s obviously Ira Losco this year!

What would representing Malta in Eurovision mean to you?

Representing Malta in Eurovision would really mean the world to me!

What would be your all time favorite Eurovision song?

It’s “Let Me Fly” by Debbie Scerri.

What sort of music do you listen to in your free time, when all you want is to relax?

If I want to relax, I’ll listen to classical music or acoustic stuff.

What do you do when you are not singing?

I’m a Notary Public and a TV presenter.

Are you engaged in any other projects at the moment?

Yes quite a few!

Do you have a message for all the readers of ESCBubble who will support you in Malta’s national final?

Yes of course I’d like to tell them that they’re very very welcome to be in touch with me on – I like to be in touch with all my supporters. And of course, thank you so much for believing in my song!

We also wanted to learn a little bit more about Corazon Mizzi, so we asked her for her favorite:

Book: 1984
Movie: The Sound of Music – cliche…
Dish: Spaghetti
Sport: Cycling and Running
Singer/band: The Beatles
SongStairway to Heaven

If Corazon Mizzi is your personal favorite in Malta Eurovision Song Contest, make sure you cast your vote for her in our poll here (click!). Give a listen to Corazon’s entry in Malta Eurovision Song Contest titled “Falling Glass” right here:

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